Best Practices for Customer Verification

Create, embed and manage an effective Know Your Customer (KYC) framework to understand the types of users and their transaction activity on your platform.
GUIDE — 10 min read

Dwolla’s Online Payment Transfer Times

Knowing when a payment was initiated allows a business to reliably predict its payment processing time and have better control of its cash flow.
GUIDE — 6 min read

Going Live With Dwolla

Preparing your business to integrate payments infrastructure and the application approval process.
GUIDE — 5 min read

Managing Team Member Permissions in the Dwolla Dashboard

Each team member needs their own login and password to access your dashboard.
customer faq
GUIDE — 11 min read

FAQs for Utilizing Dwolla’s API

Answers to the questions businesses ask most after integrating Dwolla’s payment platform.
GUIDE — 2 min read

Sending Funds Using the Dwolla Dashboard

For Pay-As-You-Go customers, this is a step-by-step guide to sending funds from the Dwolla Dashboard.
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Two-Factor Authentication: A Standard in Security

Understand the importance and the benefits of two-factor authentication for your business.
choosing payment provider
GUIDE — 5 min read

What to Consider When Choosing a Payment Platform

Payment platforms help businesses use technology to move money more efficiently. Here's what to consider before integrating with one.
GUIDE — 2 min read

2020 Banking Holiday Calendar

View this PDF to see a calendar view of the 2020 bank holidays and how those dates will impact your ACH payments.
GUIDE — 8 min read

Comparing a Payments Provider vs. Handling Payments In-House

Breaking down the benefits of building your own solution vs. integrating with a third-party provider.

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