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Drop-in Components

Complete a payment integration quicker using pre-built components. Each of Dwolla’s Drop-in components reduce hundreds of lines of code and requires minimal development to maintain.

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Decrease Developer Overhead, Get to Market Quicker

Match your brand experience and still use each component for your payment integration.

Create Unverified Customer

A customer in the Dwolla API that can both send or receive funds.

Create a Personal Verified Customer

A customer in the Dwolla API with higher transaction limits and the most functionality.

Upgrade an Unverified Customer

Enhance the unverified customer experience by upgrading them using a pre-built front-end display that will collect the necessary information.

Create a Business Verified Customer

This customer represents a business entity that intends to send or receive funds on your platform.

Document Upload

Style a front-end UI that your customer will use to upload and send a document to Dwolla for use in identity verification.

Display a Verified Customer’s Balance

Accounts that complete KYC verification can display the balance dollar amount held within their “wallet.”

Create Beneficial Owners

During business verification, a beneficial owner is any individual that, directly or indirectly, owns or controls 25% or more of a company. Due to U.S. regulations, each business verified customer is required to disclose its beneficial owners before the account can be verified.

Embed Pay-in Funds Flow

The transfer from a customer funding source to your own is the final piece to completing your funds flow.

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It was easy to integrate our API with the Dwolla API. The documentation was straightforward and super easy to test. The user experience with the integration components was a big deal for me. It was easy to navigate and I could find what I needed.
Full Stack Developer, Embrace Pet Insurance

Getting Started With Dwolla’s Drop-in Components

At Dwolla, our mission is to empower innovators to change the world through a modern payments platform that is flexible, reliable and easy to use.

For any engineering team, integrating with a new API can be a challenge. Not only do you have to learn the ins and outs of the API with which you’re integrating, but you also have to worry about creating a great user experience. Often, payments are not core to your business and you likely just want to integrate as quickly as possible so that you are free to focus on the core functionality of your application.

Illustrate of 2 drop-in-components with a fill out for and api code.

Drop-in Components make integrating with Dwolla’s payment API as simple and fast as moving money with it. These pre-built UI components let us handle the minutiae of the payments experience while you focus on building your application.

To accomplish that, we’ve worked tirelessly so that these low-code components can be nearly copy and pasted into your solution. Each component includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript that developers can drop-in and customize to fit the look and feel of their application.

We have always operated under the belief that moving money should be fast and it should be easy. Unfortunately, the development process rarely is.

With the introduction of Dwolla’s Drop-in components, we’re changing that.

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We looked at a bunch of different providers. With Dwolla being more tech-stack friendly, we felt that it would be more efficient to work with Dwolla. Other ACH providers would have required a more intense and time consuming integration.
Director of Product Management, foreUP

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