Move Funds Faster With Same Day ACH

Businesses can shorten the standard ACH transfer timeline of 4-5 banking days with Same Day ACH to make funds available to end users within the same business day.

Benefits of Same Day ACH Credits & Debits

Controlled Cash Flow

Shorten the ACH payment processing window and give users quicker access to their funds
—as fast as the same day.

Program Payments Faster

Boost the timing in which funds are delivered to a user’s bank account through automated, expedited payment processing.

Increased Transaction Limits

Same Day ACH transaction limits have increased from $25,000 to $100,000, allowing a business to move larger amounts of money with faster transfer speeds–with higher limits planned for 2022.

Affordable Transaction Costs

Enjoy the benefits of faster payments while avoiding the higher costs associated with credit cards and manual processes.

Understanding Same Day ACH Payments

Same Day ACH transfers are a highly adopted transfer speed among businesses using bank transfers for payments. Whether your business is looking to expedite payroll, provide faster crediting or debiting to prevent late bill payments or improve the speed of payments between businesses, implementing Same Day ACH functionality makes funds available faster.

Same Day ACH: Frequently Asked Questions

Dwolla currently allows you to program Same Day ACH bank transfers for both credits and debit transactions. As long as the transaction is initiated prior to 11:59 a.m. on a non-holiday business day, funds will arrive in the receiving bank account by the end of business that same day. If a Same Day ACH transaction is initiated at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, the transfer will arrive in the receiving bank account by the end of business that same day.

View Dwolla’s Same Day ACH timeline here.

No, U.S. banks and credit unions can accept Same Day ACH transfers. After integrating with Dwolla, onboard new users and have them add their existing bank account.

Not at all. For businesses interested in Same Day ACH, Dwolla provides developer documentation to help navigate integrating with payment software. Choose which transactions are sent the same day!

Yes. You could do this by debiting funds into the Dwolla Network using a Same Day debit transaction and then after those funds clear, initiate an RTP transaction.

“Our return on investment was almost immediate. We were able to get up and running in no time with Dwolla’s straightforward API. Dwolla’s flexible options such as Same Day ACH gave us the flexibility our customers demand.”

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