When working with the Dwolla API, correlating Dwolla resources to your own system can be difficult to track. Having a common “tag” among elements in a created resource allows for a common reference, which can be handy when logging and auditing payments, ultimately allowing you to spend more time fixing the problem rather than finding the problem.

The Correlation ID value can be specified on API requests to create a Dwolla Transfer or Customer resource. Whether you use this optional parameter to correlate internal transfers, order confirmation numbers, business IDs—or even a timestamp—its simplicity provides a lot of power.

correlation id stacked elements

Better Payment Management

Ensure the transaction information within your database aligns with what’s occurring on the Dwolla Platform. Using a Correlation ID can improve the traceability of a transaction between two systems.

Searchable Within Dwolla’s API

Concerned about a transaction? Call the API using your Correlation ID to locate and view updates on any transaction in question.

Part of the Dwolla Platform

With Dwolla’s ACH payment API receive full access to Correlation ID capabilities and experience more organized payments.
Dwolla is best in class regarding ACH transfers through an app. There hasn't been anything else that really compares in terms of how much your app can be supercharged by Dwolla's API.
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"The time we previously used to process transactions was drastically reduced and there was no need to hire more personnel. Our manual workload decreased by 98% and the time spent on transactions reduced by 80%—along with all of the errors that were prevented—thanks to automating ACH transactions.”
“Our business transactions have seen tremendous growth monthly and quarterly, and I want to say that the ease of making payments remains the same with Dwolla, which is what we like to see.”

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