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Digital Payments for the Insurance Industry

Improve the operational efficiency and delight your policyholders by creating an insurance payment solution tailored to your users. It’s time to say goodbye to paper checks.

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Fund Flow: 1. Business Completes Verification 2. Adds Funds to Balance 3. Authorizes ACH Credit Transfer 4. Webhook Notification 5. Funds Arrive to Policyholder

Add Some Certainty to the Insurance Experience

Problem: Reimbursing policyholders involves manual and costly processes.
Your insurtech platform works with insurance companies across the country—who are still mailing paper checks to policyholders for refunds and disbursements.
Solution: Embedding financial services within your platform.
Integrate a payment API that can help that insurance company automate reimbursements directly to a policyholder’s bank account, collect monthly premiums and facilitate transactions between end users on a platform or online web portal.
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Embrace the Flexibility to Innovate

Multiple Funds Flows

Send, collect and facilitate transfers between end users on your platform using a payment API with multiple funds flows, customer types and payment speeds.

Combine Different Account to Account Payment Types

Control the timing of your payables and receivables with payment methods like standard ACH, Same Day ACH, and real-time payments.

Dedicated Support

Access a team of payments professionals eager to support your marketplace and identify growth opportunities.
“We have integrated Dwolla in such a way that our claims system will only take one click to initiate a reimbursement that’s delivered directly to the policyholder’s bank account.”
Co-Founder and CEO at Wagmo

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