Healthcare Payments

Secure Online Payments for the Healthcare Industry

Checks are hazardous to the health of a business. Medtech companies are choosing a programmable payments platform as a healthy alternative to quickly send money online.

Faster Money Movement Can Impact Your Organization

Electronic claim payment trends in healthcare all point towards faster turnaround times. The expectations from consumers and businesses have many believing that the era of real-time payments in healthcare is not that far off.

Become a leader in the healthcare industry with Dwolla. While most health plans offer an electronic payment option via ACH payments, Dwolla offers faster ACH payments and an instant payout option to a debit card. Don’t wait days for a payment to arrive.

With Dwolla, these transactions can clear in hours or minutes—not days.

Digital Support

Work with the experts in navigating the complexities of the electronic payments.

Enhanced Experience

Give your users the flexibility to send or receive digital payments with a reliable payments platform.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Increase your margins using a suite of features to pay vendors, reimburse contractors or facilitate payroll.

Monitor Payment Activity

As the cost for healthcare continues to rise, many hospitals are investing in medical technology to lower their overall costs while maintaining a high standard of care. Pressure to demonstrate value has created intense competition for medtech to be seen as adding value to the patient experience.

With Dwolla, businesses innovating in the healthcare industry can use our dashboard functionality to monitor user sign-up and transaction activity. Access robust data to validate your business’s value in getting clinicians, vendors and contractors paid faster.

Choosing an Online Payments Provider

Medtech offers new payment models that can solve very specific problems for hospitals and healthcare systems. Using Dwolla’s programmable payment platform, offer your users an electronic payment option. Issue payments directly to a bank account without the need to write and mail a check.

Before adopting digital payments and offering electronic claim payments, ask these questions.

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