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Payment Methods

Standard ACH
Standard processing times.

Same Day ACH
Expedite your payments.

Instant Payments
Transfers in near real-time.


Digital Wallet
Initiate faster transactions by utilizing Dwolla's Digital Wallet to hold funds.

Real-time notifications.

Correlation IDs
Tracking transactions and reconciling bank records.

Addenda Records
Additional transaction information, like a note or memo.







Open Banking Services
Instant account verification, balance checks and fraud mitigation.

Digital interactions result in unique identifiers.

Bank Verification
Smoother, safer, more efficient transactions.

Secure Exchange Solution
Securely exchange data with trusted partners.


Sandbox Environment
Simulate use cases and try out features.

Dedicated Support
Supporting your payments journey.

Real-Time Notifications

On the Dwolla Platform, webhooks provide clients real-time data and notifications about activity happening on their platform or application. 
Dwolla Dashboard, Notification: Transfer completed.

Access to Real-Time Financial Data

Webhooks form a great foundation for building a reactive and scalable application. You can use them to update components in the front end of your application and notify your users of status changes. Being able to reliably consume these events and use them to identify and react to problems can give peace of mind for automated, day-to-day activities.

Scalable Messengers
Each Dwolla client can receive webhooks by creating a webhook subscription. The Dwolla Platform can tailor webhooks to customer needs, scaling from single-threaded delivery for small workloads, to thousands of parallel requests that notify customers the moment an event happens.
Stay Up-to-Date
As events happen within your application, webhooks are delivered in near real-time.
Consistent Across Banking Partners
Dwolla provides standardized, consistent webhooks across all our banking partners - no need to configure and process multiple webhook setups.
“The level of transparency, via the webhook notifications, that we are able to share with our clients and their investors is huge. They know when the money is landing in their account.”
Real Estate CompanyChief Product Officer

Leading Open Banking in North America

40+ Partners
20M+ End-Users
121M+ Annual Transaction Volumes
99.9% Uptime, 365 Days

Dwolla Connect

Dwolla Connect is a unified API solution across financial institutions and account-to-account payment methods and is designed specifically for mid- to enterprise-sized businesses with established payment operations. It empowers them to undergo a seamless digital transformation from outdated payment systems, manual processes, and file-based operations to fully streamlined, automated processes.


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