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Payment Methods

Standard ACH
Standard processing times.

Same Day ACH
Expedite your payments.

Instant Payments
Transfers in near real-time.


Real-time notifications.

Correlation IDs
Tracking transactions and reconciling bank records.

Addenda Records
Additional transaction information, like a note or memo.


Open Banking Services
Instant account verification, balance checks and fraud mitigation.

Digital interactions result in unique identifiers.

Bank Verification
Smoother, safer, more efficient transactions.

Secure Exchange Solution
Securely exchange data with trusted partners.


Sandbox Environment
Simulate use cases and try out features.

Dedicated Support
Supporting your payments journey.


PayPod: Imagine a World with Frictionless Payments


2:12   Advantages of a Payment API
6:54  Account-to-Account Payments with Dwolla
11:45   How to Get Started with A2A
19:50   Offering a Bank Agnostic Platform
22:10   What’s Next for Dwolla?

PayPod: The Payments and Fintech Podcast explores the ever-evolving world of payments and fintech with in-depth interviews featuring industry experts from around the world.

In this episode, Dwolla's Chief Technology Officer Skyler Nesheim joins the conversation to discuss the benefits and challenges associated with payment APIs and what it means to be bank agnostic in 2022. At the end of the episode, he predicts which little-used payment method today will emerge in the coming years.

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