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GUIDE — 10 min read

The State of A2A

Experts in payments, data security, risk management and engineering share their insights around account-to-account payments and Open Banking.
RTP, ACH, P2D, Wire

Real-Time Payments and More Account to Account Payment Types

Explaining the differences between a Real-Time Payment, ACH Payment, Push-to-Debit Payment and Wire transfer using Dwolla’s payment technology.
GUIDE — 10 min read

Account to Account Transfer Times

Knowing when a bank transfer was initiated allows you to reliably predict its processing time.
Client Application Approval Guide Featured image

Best Practices to Build Your Dwolla Payment Integration

When adding payments to your platform, there are new rules and risks to consider. Use this resource to set your payment integration up for success.
Portrait of Skyler Nesheim in a gradient hexagon.
PODCAST — 29 min listen

PayPod: Imagine a World with Frictionless Payments

Dwolla’s Senior VP of Technology joins the conversation to discuss the benefits and challenges associated with payment APIs, what it means to be bank agnostic and the digital payment innovations coming in 2022.
RESOURCE — 5 min read

Your Dwolla Integration Roadmap

A step-by-step process to going live with your sophisticated account-to-account payment solution. Eliminate surprises and know what to expect every step of the way.
choosing payment provider
GUIDE — 5 min read

7 Reasons to Choose Dwolla for Account to Account Payments

Before switching payment solutions and choosing a payment API, consider these 7 factors that make Dwolla unique as a payment service provider.
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PODCAST — 60 min listen

Being a Disruptor: Changing the Way Businesses Move Money

VP of Product Ben Schmitt and Senior VP of Technology Skyer Nesheim discuss Dwolla’s approach to powering sophisticated account-to-account payment solutions, scaling as an innovative fintech and how they work together to help solve complex problems.
Dave Glaser profile picture in a hexagon gradient
PODCAST — 20 min listen

Fintech Growth Talk: Moving Money From Account to Account

Dwolla President and COO Dave Glaser explains the three key pillars of Open Banking and how they work together to quickly and reliably move money between bank accounts.
Brady Harris Profile in a upright hexagon in an orange-pink gradient
PODCAST — 23 min listen

GrowthCap: Finding Affordable Payment Options

Dwolla CEO Brady Harris discusses the pricing differences between credit card transactions and bank transfers, along with the future of the fintech industry.

Payments on Fire Podcast: Programming Payments Using a Few Lines of Code

Listen in to a discussion on the growth of B2B payments and enterprise interest in faster payments.

Executive Insights: The State of Real-Time Payments

New research shows businesses are ready and willing to adopt RTP–so, what’s holding adoption back?

A Glossary of RTP Keywords

The key terms used to describe how real-time payments work.
Computer Screen with Code and Bank image

Innovating on the ACH Network: How Businesses Program Their Payments

The COVID-19 pandemic reminded businesses that offering a digital payment option is more important than ever before. Customers expect a seamless payment experience that Dwolla is delivering through the ACH Network.

Best Practices for Customer Verification

Create, embed and manage an effective Know Your Customer (KYC) framework to understand the types of users and their transaction activity on your platform.
GUIDE — 5 min read

Managing Team Member Permissions in the Dwolla Dashboard

Each team member needs their own login and password to access your dashboard.
customer faq
GUIDE — 11 min read

FAQs for Utilizing Dwolla’s API

Answers to the questions businesses ask most after integrating Dwolla’s payment platform.
GUIDE — 2 min read

Sending Funds Using the Dwolla Dashboard

For Pay-As-You-Go customers, this is a step-by-step guide to sending funds from the Dwolla Dashboard.
ACH return codes image

ACH Return Code Glossary

With nearly 70 ACH return codes, this is a resource explaining the variety of reasons an ACH transaction could be returned.
understanding fraud risks
VIDEO — 14 min watch

Understanding the Risks and Returns of ACH Payments

ACH payments provide a lot of conveniences for businesses. Understanding the potential risks of these payments and some best practices for ACH risk management can help prevent potential problems from occurring. This webinar explains ACH risk management.
Hash Image

Two-Factor Authentication:<br>A Standard in Security

Understand the importance and the benefits of two-factor authentication for your business.
PLAYBOOK — 12 min read

Building an Online Marketplace with Automated Payments

Building an online marketplace requires having an online payment solution that can efficiently move money to and from bank accounts. Learn how top marketplaces do it.
TOOL — 8 min read

Interactive Demo: Build Your App on the Dwolla API

Interact with this demo to learn about how integrating with Dwolla’s platform could benefit your business.
payments calculator image

Payments Calculator Presented by Nacha

Presented by Nacha, the governing body of the ACH Network, use our cost calculator to estimate how much you’re overpaying for payments.
Plaid account verification screenshot
WEBINAR — 10 min watch

Pairing Bank Account Verification with an ACH API

This short webinar explains how businesses are integrating both Plaid and Dwolla into their applications to provide a seamless payment experience for their end users.
PODCAST — 29 min listen

Code Story: Simplifying Money Movement

Ben Milne, CEO and Co-Founder of Dwolla, discusses building a company and how Dwolla is solving a complex and fundamental business problem.
ebook faster payments image
EBOOK — 6 min read

Influencing Faster Payments & Regulations with the Federal Register

Payments professionals understand the importance of faster payments. As consumer expectations grow, we as an industry can influence the process to make payments more beneficial with this guide.
GUIDE — 2 min read

2022 Banking Holiday Calendar

View this PDF to see a calendar view of the 2022 bank holidays and how those dates will impact your ACH payments.
information security image
WHITE PAPER — 30 min read

Building and Maturing an Information Security Program

Dwolla takes information security seriously—so should your business. This white paper goes into detail on the latest InfoSec practices to protect you, your business and your customers.
GUIDE — 8 min read

Comparing a Payments Provider vs. Handling Payments In-House

Breaking down the benefits of building your own solution vs. integrating with a third-party provider.
VIDEO — 17 min watch

Dwolla API Platform Demo Showcase

Watch this platform demo to learn more about the Dwolla API, the developer-friendly resources to integrate and the steps to integrate with Dwolla by use case and funds flow.
GLOSSARY — 6 min read

A Glossary of ACH Keywords

Understand the terms used to describe the incredibly powerful ACH Network.
WEBINAR — 6 min watch

A Dwolla Balance Provides Wallet Functionality to Your End Users

Watch this webinar to learn more about Dwolla’s wallet functionality, customer requirements for holding a balance and real world use cases where wallets are utilized.
ach 101 illustration
EBOOK — 24 min read

ACH 101: Connecting your Business to the ACH Network

Learn the basics of the ACH Network and how ACH benefits businesses of all sizes.
InfoSec white paper shield graphic
WHITE PAPER — 13 min read

Dwolla’s InfoSec Philosophy

With this white paper we want to share how Dwolla does security and the thoughtful approach Dwolla takes with InfoSec.

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