Real-Time Payments

Faster bank transfers can give your business a competitive advantage. Integrate Dwolla’s payment technology to connect with the RTP® Network to access 24/7/365 payments with real-time notifications.

Improve the Payment Experience with Real-Time Transfers

Real-Time Payments are faster bank transfers that clear and settle near instantaneously. The immediacy and certainty of an RTP transaction is made possible by the RTP® Network’s good funds model, which requires participating financial institutions to allow for the quick availability of funds. Use your current bank accounts and access the RTP® Network with an integration to Dwolla’s payment technology.

FAQs About Real-Time Payments

Real-Time Payments are new to the United States and the list of supported banks continues to grow. Today, the RTP® Network reaches 70% of demand deposit accounts (DDAs) in the United States. View the full list of participating financial institutions here.

Yes! We’ve intentionally built our Real-Time Payment solution to unlock the power of the RTP® Network by only updating a single line of code in an API request. There are no new endpoints, which allows a business to offer both ACH and RTP in conjunction. For end users, simply attach a RTP-enabled bank account and enter the receiving bank account information before initiating an RTP transaction.

The Clearing House’s RTP® Network brings participating banks together in a common agreement to recognize each other’s transactions in real time. Dwolla’s real-time payment API sends your payment instructions to our financial institution partners, who initiate funds transfers on the RTP® Network. Your interaction with the Dwolla API is consistent regardless of whether you are sending an ACH or RTP transaction, requiring only a small code change to let the API know that you want to send your transaction via RTP. There are no new bank account verification processes needed. For end users, the process to link a bank account does not change and Dwolla’s API identifies eligible bank accounts automatically.

Real-Time Payments do cost more than standard ACH transactions. With Dwolla, businesses can bundle RTP transactions into a single monthly subscription or pay a flat fee per RTP transaction. Rather than being subject to a hefty percentage fee of each transaction, the flat fee pricing gives a business the opportunity to capitalize on a lower cost.

Because RTP transactions are intended to be instantaneous and irrevocable, the RTP® Network does not have an automated returns process like what you may have experienced in ACH transactions or chargebacks in the credit card networks. If a RTP transaction is sent in error, the sending financial institution has the option to request the funds be returned in certain circumstances, but the receiving financial institution is not obligated to return the funds.

A business could send a real-time payment for an invoice to another business, an insurance company could issue a reimbursement to a policyholder via RTP or a utility company could collect bill payments from a consumer. As long as the receiver has an RTP-enabled financial institution, Dwolla’s real-time payment API can enable you to send them an RTP transaction.

Benefit of RTP for Businesses

Send Funds in Real Time

Send payments to bank accounts via the RTP® Network, 24/7/365.

Improve Payment Transparency

Access greater visibility around the payment status and more transaction information on each RTP transfer.

Initiate RTP Transfers From Your Existing Bank

Easily access the RTP® Network or the other payment rails that come with Dwolla’s payment technology through a single integration using low-code components and your existing bank.

Gain A Competitive Advantage

Become an industry leader by capitalizing on this “first-mover advantage” with real-time payments.

Payment Finality

RTP transactions are final–no need to worry about returns or chargebacks.

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