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Payment Methods

Standard ACH
Standard processing times.

Same Day ACH
Expedite your payments.

Instant Payments
Transfers in near real-time.


Real-time notifications.

Dwolla Dashboard
Access and manage your payments data through the our user-friendly interface.

Correlation IDs
Tracking transactions and reconciling bank records.

Addenda Records
Additional transaction information, like a note or memo.


Open Banking Services
Instant account verification, balance checks and fraud mitigation.

Digital interactions result in unique identifiers.

Bank Verification
Smoother, safer, more efficient transactions.

Secure Exchange Solution
Securely exchange data with trusted partners.


Sandbox Environment
Simulate use cases and try out features.

Dedicated Support
Supporting your payments journey.

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October 2023 | Release Notes

Secure Exchange Solution

Securely exchange data with Dwolla’s partners using the Dwolla API. The Secure Exchange Solution is a tokenized approach to creating an interconnected payment experience among third-party data providers, payment technologies and financial institutions. The Exchanges API generates provider tokens, providing a secure way to receive data from third parties. Now, Dwolla Connect clients can utilize this API to perform functions such as creating funding-sources within the Dwolla ecosystem. Current data providers included in the Secure Exchange Solution are MX, Plaid, Finicity and Flinks.

See our Secure Exchange Solution page and our developer documentation for more details.

Webhook Simulator 

Leverage Dwolla’s Connect Sandbox to test transfer statuses using the webhook simulator before moving to production. Test your integration to ensure that your application can properly handle different payment scenarios (including successful transfers, failed transfers, returns and more) and respond to webhook events correctly before making actual payments. This will help to reduce the risk of errors and issues in a live payment environment.

See our developer documentation for more details. 


Dashboard Navigation Refresh

We’ve updated the navigation in our Dashboard to allow for more flexibility.

  • Users can choose whether they want to see the side navigation expanded or collapsed. 
  • Users can see indications of which environment they’re in (sandbox vs. production).

Test it out and give us feedback by emailing


Updates to Verified Sole Proprietorships 

Previously, Sole Proprietorship funding source holder types were marked as business by default. When the bank account was actually a personal account, this led to unintended ACH Returns, due to the mismatched SEC Code.

Now, clients can use the API to mark their Sole Proprietorship funding source holder type as personal or business, so the SEC Code on transactions initiated from that funding source will match the holder type

Technical explanation: Updated the /customers/:id/funding-sources endpoint optionally allow for bankAccountHolderType

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected issues with facilitator fees not processing properly.
  • Updated the processing order of transactions with facilitator fees to avoid negative balances on statements.
  • Fixed Form 1099-K process bug causing certain eligible accounts to not receive Form W-9 reminders.

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