Micro-deposits are a easy way to verify a customer bank account. It’s a method used in various services to ensure that the individual owns the bank account that they are adding to your service. To make micro-deposits a normal workflow looks something like this:

  • Acquire routing number and account number from your customer.
  • Acquire basic account information from your customer.
  • Use our White Label ACH API to send money to that account.

The deposits sent via bank transfer will show your company name on your customer bank account so they know exactly who the deposit came from.
If you decide to provide micro-deposit verification yourself, you can select the amounts to deposit. It could be pennies, dollars, or any variation. A different combination of multiple deposits should be used for each customer. For example:

Customer 1:

  • Deposit #1: $0.12
  • Deposit #2: $0.01

Customer 2:

  • Deposit #1 – $0.05
  • Deposit #2 – $0.07

If you’d like to avoid managing the amounts you can use our micro-deposit endpoint and we will calculate and track the micro-deposits for you to make things easy.

Dwolla has focused on making the bank transfer network easy to use. We also offer instant account verification in place of the two deposit method for customers who would like to get their customers up and running even faster.
When working with our ACH API to make micro-deposits you also will not have to worry about formatting a ACH file. You simply send instructions to a API endpoint to make the ACH transfer programmatically.

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