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Payment Methods

Standard ACH
Standard processing times.

Same Day ACH
Expedite your payments.

Instant Payments
Transfers in near real-time.


Real-time notifications.

Correlation IDs
Tracking transactions and reconciling bank records.

Addenda Records
Additional transaction information, like a note or memo.


Open Banking Services
Instant account verification, balance checks and fraud mitigation.

Digital interactions result in unique identifiers.

Bank Verification
Smoother, safer, more efficient transactions.

Secure Exchange Solution
Securely exchange data with trusted partners.


Sandbox Environment
Simulate use cases and try out features.

Dedicated Support
Supporting your payments journey.

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March 2023 | Release Notes

Transaction Exports for Admin Users and Sub-Users

We are continuing to roll out transaction exports in the Dwolla Dashboard! By mid-April, all admin users will have access to create and view transaction exports. Admins will see a pop-up about exports in the Dashboard when we’ve enabled the feature for their user.

Once admin users have access, they can give sub-users View only or Edit access to transaction exports. View only access allows sub-users to view existing exports, while Edit access allows them to create new transaction exports. This change will provide users greater data visibility throughout the organization and further streamline the process of managing your Dwolla Account.

1099-K Form Retrieval

It’s tax season, and our new Tax Document portal makes it easier for clients and their end users to retrieve Form 1099-Ks. Simply use your unique URL to access the portal and log in with the last 4 digits of your SSN or EIN. Once you’re logged in, you can view and download your 2022 Form 1099-K.

Facilitator Fee on Bank-to-Balance Transfers

At Dwolla, the facilitation model remains at the forefront of our clients’ innovation. We have recently expanded that offering by allowing facilitation fees on transfers from banks into end users’ balances. If you are a client that wants to charge a fee when transferring funds into balances, you now have the flexibility to automatically set a per transaction fee as part of a single transaction.

On a bank statement, the end user will see the total amount of the transfer including the fee. Example: If the end user transfers $500 and the fee is $5, the end user will see a debit of $505 on their bank statement. The transfer will debit the bank account and credit the end user’s balance. The fee will be credited to the client’s Dwolla Master Account Balance.

While we provide the solution to make this flexible and dynamic, you are responsible for disclosing these fees clearly and conspicuously before charging them to your end users.

To learn more about how to implement facilitator fees, go to the Facilitator Fee page of our developer documentation.

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