Dwolla Instant Account Verification (IAV)

Sending or receiving electronic ACH payments requires having a reliable method for verifying a user’s funding source. Instantly add and verify a user’s funding source within your application and keep sensitive financial data with Dwolla—not on your servers.

Verifying the Importance of Bank Account Verification

A business that exceeds the maximum threshold for returned ACH payments is at risk of being fined or losing access to the ACH Network. As a way of keeping ACH returns to a minimum, businesses need a reliable bank account verification method to ensure funds are going to and coming from legitimate bank accounts.

Dwolla’s Instant Account Verification (IAV) tool can be implemented using a few lines of code. Embedding Dwolla IAV into your business’s payment solution will allow a new user to input their online banking username and password to verify their funding source in seconds.

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Dwolla’s Bank Account Verification Methods

In addition to Dwolla IAV, Dwolla offers multiple bank account verification methods.

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Attaching Unverified Funding Sources

Embed a form to collect the customer bank account and routing number to initiate micro-deposits that will confirm the customer can access the bank account.

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Third-Party Tokenization

Integrate with a partner in Dwolla’s ecosystem that offers bank verification by using a unique token to create a verified funding source within Dwolla’s ACH API.

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