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Use Webhooks to Communicate with a Payment API

Webhooks are fantastic communicators. On the Dwolla Platform, webhooks notify clients of activity happening on their platform or application. Webhooks are sent for nearly 70 events, representing actions like a funding source being added or a transfer being cancelled. With a simplified webhook management process, businesses using Dwolla can stay in touch with what’s happening within the platform.

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Scalable Messengers

Each Dwolla client can receive webhooks by creating a webhook subscription. The Dwolla Platform can tailor webhooks to customer needs, scaling from single-threaded delivery for small workloads, to thousands of parallel requests that notify customers the moment an event happens.

Stay Up-to-Date

As events happen within your application, webhooks are delivered in near real-time.

Easily Accessible

Search for specific webhook IDs or initiate a retry directly in the Dwolla Dashboard, eliminating the need to dig through lines of code to find them manually.

Bolstering Our Webhook Systems

Webhooks form a great foundation for building a reactive and scalable application. From updating components in the front end of your application to notifying end users of status changes, being able to reliably consume these events can give peace of mind for automated, day-to-day activities.

Dwolla’s engineering team continues to invest in making webhooks faster and more scalable.

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Control Webhooks From the Dashboard

With a few clicks of a button, admins in the Dwolla Dashboard can view all of the webhook subscriptions and explore individual webhooks.

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Take Action

Retry an individual webhook or restart a paused subscription.


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