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Unlocking the power of the financial system.

For over a decade, Dwolla has been providing a modern API that offers a fast and easy way for businesses to connect to the US payment networks, simplifying the way they pay and get paid via bank transfers.

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Our Mission

At Dwolla, our mission is to empower innovators with a modern payments platform that is flexible, reliable and easy-to-use.

Born out of frustration with the high cost and complexity of traditional money transfers, Dwolla has evolved from a peer-to-peer digital wallet startup to a modern platform that helps businesses move tens of billions of dollars every year. We are proud to see the diverse ways our clients and partners incorporate our technology as a core component of their platforms or as a value-added enhancement to their existing systems.

Leading the way for open banking and embedded finance, we continuously stay at the forefront of the industry by challenging the status quo with innovative and user-friendly solutions. By joining forces with visionaries across various industries, Dwolla continues to push the boundaries of fintech and drive our mission of enabling innovators in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

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Our Team

The people are what make Dwolla different. At Dwolla, our team is driven by diverse experiences, ideas and people to bring the business benefits of account-to-account payments into the modern digital age. Our talented individuals across the U.S. are dedicated to creating a world that moves money simply and securely – unlocking innovative potential for businesses and their customers alike.

Our Leadership


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Dave Glaser




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Skyler Nesheim




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Lawrence Herman


Guided By Our Values

Change the Status Quo

Build Trust Through Transparency, Empathy and Action

We Are Never Done

Inclusion Fuels Success


Let’s Build Something Together