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Payment Methods

Standard ACH
Standard processing times.

Same Day ACH
Expedite your payments.

Instant Payments
Transfers in near real-time.


Digital Wallet
Initiate faster transactions by utilizing Dwolla's Digital Wallet to hold funds.

Real-time notifications.

Correlation IDs
Tracking transactions and reconciling bank records.

Addenda Records
Additional transaction information, like a note or memo.







Open Banking Services
Instant account verification, balance checks and fraud mitigation.

Digital interactions result in unique identifiers.

Bank Verification
Smoother, safer, more efficient transactions.

Secure Exchange Solution
Securely exchange data with trusted partners.


Sandbox Environment
Simulate use cases and try out features.

Dedicated Support
Supporting your payments journey.

Digitally transform your payments through a single solution.

Dwolla's modern approach replaces legacy technology with a unified and streamlined solution, improving payment security, data visibility and the customer experience.

Powering Payments for Every Industry

  • Insurance
  • Lending
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing

Digital Payments for the Insurance Industry

Dwolla empowers insurance companies to eliminate the outdated payment systems and manual processes that negatively impact cash flow, payment predictability, payment security and policyholder experience.

Woman making a payment on her computer.


Faster Payments for the Lending Industry

Dwolla empowers lenders to eliminate the manual processes and outdated payment systems that negatively impact payment speed, efficiency and security, and borrower experience.


A group of people sitting at a table, 2 men are shaking hands.


Revolutionizing Real Estate Payments

Dwolla empowers real estate companies to eliminate the legacy technology and outdated payment systems that negatively impact payment speed, cost and security, and vendor and supplier relationships.


A row of Victorian style homes.


Secure, Online Payments for the Healthcare Industry

Dwolla empowers healthcare companies to eliminate the manual processes and outdated payment systems that negatively impact payment speed, security and patient experience.


A group of business individuals shaking and with charts on the table.


Transforming Payments in Manufacturing

Dwolla empowers manufacturing companies to eliminate the manual processes and outdated payment systems that negatively impact payment speed, efficiency and security, and buyer-supplier relationships.




Leading Open Banking in North America

40+ Partners
20M+ End-Users
121M+ Annual Transaction Volumes
$50B+ Processed in 2023

Your Go-To Payments Partner

Dwolla enables businesses to digitally transform their payments through a single solution.

Single API
Dwolla unifies the payment operations experience through a single solution, enabling streamlined transactions, reducing complexity and enhancing visibility into financial activity.
Cost Savings
By transitioning from legacy technologies and manual processes, businesses can save money through reduced labor costs, faster processing times, lower transaction fees, improved accuracy and enhanced security and compliance measures.
Seamless Bank Integration
Dwolla streamlines integrations across payment methods and financial institutions to simplify initial integration, ongoing maintenance and future development, as well as enhance overall operational agility and financial transparency.
Enterprise Grade Security
Protect your sensitive data with Dwolla’s variety of security measures, including encryption and tokenization. Dwolla maintains a SOC 2 Type 2 report and SOC 3 report.

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“Our return on investment was almost immediate. We were able to get up and running in no time with Dwolla’s straightforward API. Dwolla’s flexible options such as Same Day ACH gave us the flexibility our customers demand."

Customizable Solutions

Dwolla offers a variety of customizable solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses looking to digitally transform their payments. Control your customer experience by integrating our white-label API directly into your application or product offering.

  • Bank Agnostic
  • White-Label
  • Scalable

Instant Payments

Instant Payments with Dwolla clear and settle almost immediately. Access the RTP® Network or the FedNow® Service with Dwolla’s payment technology and turn your company into an instant payments organization.

  • Send Funds in Real Time
  • Improve Payment Transparency
  • Initiate RTP or FedNow Transfers From Your Existing Bank

Secure Exchange Solution

Processing payments digitally while managing risk and avoiding fraud requires various levels of verification and data checks. Through Dwolla’s Secure Exchange solution, you can easily integrate with our data partners and securely exchange information.

  • Tokenization
  • Flexibility
  • Current Partners: Plaid, Finicity, MX, Flinks

Dwolla Partners


“Beyond the user-friendly API and competitive pricing of Dwolla’s solution, we also turned to them because we trusted in the people behind the solution.”

Cyrus SummerlinCo-Founder and CEO, Extra

Innovations, Ideas and New Payment Possibilities

From best practices to bold ideas, see how Dwolla and our customers uncover solutions using account-to-account payment technology.


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