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Information Security Support
Outsourced Integration Development
Additional Cost
Custom Feature Development
Additional Cost
Payment Transfer Types
Flexibility to accelerate your payments.
Standard ACH
0.5% Per Transaction
Additional Cost
Additional Cost
Additional Cost
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Funding Source Validation
Funding source validation to meet your payment needs.

*Testing in the sandbox environment creates a replica of the Dwolla API’s production environment. It is meant to help businesses test Dwolla’s features, it cannot be used to move money.

Integrate Fast with Our Pay-As-You-Go Features

Increase Your Speed to Market With Our Expanded Scale Features

Pay-As-You-Go functionality PLUS:

  • API Based
  • Create End Users
  • Automated ACH Returns
  • Validate Funding Source
  • Create Transfers
  • Controlled Branding and User Experience
  • Knowledge Based User Authentication (KBA)
  • Customer CIP Program Utilization
  • Automated End User Document Verification
  • Multi Application Support
  • General Ledger Support
  • Loan Account Support
  • Labels (Sub Accounts)
  • ACH Addenda
  • Automated Custom End User Notifications
  • Custom Number of Funding Sources
  • Custom Transaction Limits
  • Accelerated Transfer Timing (Next/Same Day ACH)
  • Wire Transfers
  • Customer Feedback Program

Do More With Dwolla

Stay on the leading edge of payments with Dwolla’s suite of optional integration partners.


Prevent fraud, streamline operations and drive revenue growth.


Use Plaid to instantly verify your users’ bank account.


Apto allows you to offer your users a physical or virtual card.
“We did play in the sandbox and that environment mirrored all the functions that we expected...Dwolla was the clear operational choice as far as cost and benefit for us."
Chris Schmitt
“Dwolla has this forward thinking mentality where they are willing to work with us where we are today but also where we are wanting to be.”
Alex Quintero
Marketing Manager
“Dwolla’s flat monthly pricing is something that allows us to still make money and add significant value to our application in other areas.”
Blake Miller
CEO & Founder

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