Use ACH transfers to send funds to your users.

Simply receive funds from your users.

End-to-end, both send and receive funds to and from your users.

Provide the interface that allows your users to send funds to each other.

GOAT integrated Dwolla to pay out on its marketplace.

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Explore examples of how other businesses use Dwolla.

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Nomad Health uses this funds flow on its healthcare staffing platform.

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Explore examples of how other businesses use Dwolla.

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An integration made easy

Developer friendly—Dwolla is implemented seamlessly into your user experience and scales reliably, exceeding 99.9% uptime.

curl -X POST -H "Accept: application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer LlcntSzAKFLC9rnhlTBflutTqSCOfZavWUizDQJVtkS5noVHt2" -d '{
    "firstName": "Jane",
    "lastName": "Merchant",
    "email": "",
    "type": "receive-only"
}' "" -v
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json" -H "Authorization: Bearer GnlMMOlLLTTwRRC44gGPkjfsVbVtwzkptDVdIB0fwGwLnV481N" -d '{
    "routingNumber": "222222226",
    "accountNumber": "123456789",
    "type": "checking",
    "name": "Jane Merchant - Checking"
}' "" -v
curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer GnlMMOlLLTTwRRC44gGPkjfsVbVtwzkptDVdIB0fwGwLnV481N" -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json" -H "Accept: application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json" -d '{
    "_links": {
        "source": {
            "href": ""

        "destination": {
            "href": ""
    "amount": {
        "currency": "USD",
        "value": "100.00"
}' '' -v

Your complete dashboard

A smarter way to inform payments processes, use the dashboard to manage users, transfers, and identify business trends in a single place.

"Dwolla's dashboard helps our team work smarter, making our platform more useful. Everyone from client success reps to legal and compliance teams use the dashboard to better serve our users." - Peter Shankar, Equity Multiple CTO

Integrate with confidence

Let us help you manage the complexities of payments and security.

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Financial institutions play an important role in our network.

Dwolla, Inc. is an agent of Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank and all funds associated with your account in our network are held in pooled accounts at Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank. These funds are not eligible for individual insurance, including FDIC insurance and may not be eligible for share insurance by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Dwolla, Inc. is the operator of a software platform that communicates user instructions for funds transfers to Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank.