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Understanding the Risks and Returns of ACH Payments

ACH payments provide a lot of conveniences for businesses. Understanding the potential risks of these payments and some best practices for ACH risk management can help prevent potential problems from occurring. This webinar explains ACH risk management.

Sending payments via the ACH Network comes with many conveniences for businesses, such as low transaction fees and an incredibly reliable infrastructure. But when transferring money through any payment form (e.g. checks, credit cards, electronically), there’s always some level of risk involved.

Businesses, banks and financial institutions need to have a basic understanding of ACH risk management.

After Watching This Webinar, You Will Understand:

  • Basic Monitoring and Best Practices for Reporting
  • How to Identify Specific Actions or Suspicious Activity by Users
  • The Most Common ACH Return Codes Businesses Receive

Start better managing the risk with ACH payments.

3 Reasons Why Customers Choose Dwolla

Customer-Centric Business

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Automating Manual Tasks

Offering a RESTful API allows our customers to programmatically handle ACH payments and returns.

Continuous Advancements

We’re constantly iterating to build better software and add more features for our customers.

Programmable Payments That Work For Your Business


Multiple funds flows, customer types and transfer speeds are supported by Dwolla’s ACH API.


Start by adding programmable payments to your application and keep the same processes when your business is eventually moving millions of dollars each month.


Trust but verify with a third-party attested SOC 2 report.

Custom Support

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