Next Day ACH Transfers

Sending and receiving payments through the ACH Network is a valuable option for businesses because of its reliable and efficient transaction timelines. With Dwolla’s ACH payment API, businesses can offer Next Day ACH to make funds available faster in the Dwolla Network.

Next Day ACH

Configurable Transaction Speeds

Choose when and where to expedite an ACH transfer, depending on the user and type of transfer.

Improved User Experience

Offer a frictionless onboarding process for creating new users and verifying banking information, ensuring money is moved quickly and to the correct bank account.

White-Labeled Bank Transfers

Keep your branding in the spotlight while Dwolla powers payments behind the scenes.
“We’ve been given a huge competitive advantage because of Next Day ACH processing. With Dwolla and Next Day ACH processing, we are able to see payments hit the customer accounts the next day and help [our customers] minimize the credit card processing rates.”
Christian Arntsen
Director of Product

Next Day ACH Transfer Timing

ACH transfers can be broken down into two parts—a debit and a credit. Using Dwolla, a company is able to debit an end user’s account electronically which sends funds to the Dwolla Network, which then credits the funds to its final destination. In order to protect our customers from risk and to verify the accuracy of each transfer, the debit portion with Dwolla can take up to four days to be processed with the credit portion taking a day or two.

However, some businesses need to move money faster. Certain companies qualify for Next Day ACH, which shortens the length of time funds are made available on the Dwolla Network.

Innovative companies are utilizing Next Day ACH with Dwolla to expedite their bank transfers. Dwolla offers Next Day ACH for businesses in select industries in order to provide next day funds availability on ACH debit transactions.

With Dwolla, a Next Day bank transfer refers to only the debit portion of a transaction from a bank account to the Dwolla Network. With Next Day ACH, a transfer initiated before 4 p.m. on Monday becomes available within the Dwolla Network on Tuesday.

Next Day In ACH Transfer Timeline

Next Day ACH Debit + Same Day ACH Credit

Next Day ACH Debits operate just like they sound—send it today and have the funds available in the Dwolla Network tomorrow.

Assuming the Same Day credit is issued prior to 12 p.m. Central Standard Time on Tuesday, the funds will arrive in the receiving bank account by the end of the banking day Tuesday.

With Next Day ACH Debit and Same Day ACH Credit, a transfer is initiated, received by the Dwolla Network and credited to the recipient by the next business day.

*Note: All transfers may be subject to delay by either the sending or receiving financial institution, including Dwolla’s partner financial institution.

Next Day Plus Same Day Timeline

Next Day ACH Debit + Standard ACH Credit

A transfer initiated by 4 p.m. on Monday means funds are debited from the sending account and made available in the Dwolla Network on Tuesday.

From there, the transaction is processed on the standard timeline. On Tuesday, a credit to the recipient will be issued. The funds settle in the receiving customer’s bank account within 1-2 business days, shortening the length of time before funds are available to the end user.

Next Day Plus Standard Timeline

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