Automate payouts with Dwolla by connecting to the ACH Network and initiating up to 5,000 payments at once, using only a few clicks of a button. Writing and mailing checks is inefficient and expensive. By sending mass payments—also known as batch payments—through the Dwolla API, businesses spend less time on payments and more time building value into their company.

mass payments illustration

Time Savings

Mass payments are batched together for efficiency. Sending 1,000 mass payouts with Dwolla’s ACH API takes a minute. How long would it take to write 1,000 checks?

Scalable Processes

As your company grows and your transactions increase, you’ll keep the same processes to make 500 payments or 5,000 payments.

Incur a Single ACH Debit

A mass payment through the Dwolla API only incurs a single ACH debit from the bank account to fund the entire batch of payments.

Control, Monitor & Initiate Payments

Administrators can use the dashboard to monitor each transaction, view trends and performance metrics along with managing customer accounts.

On-Demand Support

Direct lines of communication enable your business to find solutions to payment issues in real time, not hours or days later.
“Dwolla freed us from previous payouts restrictions and got us up and running with our own branded bank transfer solution in 10 days.”
Eddy Lu
“Our business transactions have seen tremendous growth monthly and quarterly and I want to say that the ease of making payments remains the same with Dwolla, which is what we like to see. It takes the same amount of effort to make a payment to one person or 1,000 people.”
Bryan Petro
“Dwolla came in with this beautiful solution. It would be ridiculous for me to try and create what Dwolla has done. We would have had to go a much more complex route had we not gone with Dwolla.”
Daniel Jeffords

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