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Digital Wallet Functionality With The Dwolla Balance

Initiate faster transactions and provide a convenient option to your users that allows them to hold funds via the Dwolla Balance.

dwolla wallet icon with gradient outline with hexagons and dollar signs floating out

Instant Payments Between Balances

Funds sent between verified user account balances within the Dwolla Network are transferred instantly.

Prebuilt Functionality

Get to market quickly with payments technology that comes with pre-built digital wallet functionality.

Brand Control

Manage the user experience and customize how the Dwolla Balance is displayed within your application to match your branding.

Monetize Your Application

Use the Dwolla Balance as a way of enhancing your application for your users without building a payment API from scratch. Verified customers can send or collect payments, whether that’s from hundreds of accounts or between two users.

Dwolla Dashboard of the Account Setting with the Balance emphasised
“Dwolla custom tailored a solution to something that we needed. We have a full money moving system without having to do any of it. And it looks like it is coming from us with our look and feel.”
Co-Founder & President at Rally

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