Digital Wallet Functionality With The Dwolla Balance

Initiate faster transactions and provide a convenient option to your Verified Customers by utilizing the Dwolla Balance to hold funds.

Instant Payments Between Wallets

Funds sent between user account balances within the Dwolla Network are transferred instantly.

Extended Features

Initiate a payment from your Dwolla Balance to your user’s debit card account or bank account and give them convenient access to their funds.

Prebuilt Functionality

Speed up your integration with a payments infrastructure that comes with built-in, wallet-like functionality.

Brand Control

Manage the user experience and customize how the balance is displayed within your application to match your branding.

Monetize Your Application

Use the Dwolla Balance as a way of enhancing your application without building anything from scratch. Your customers can send or collect payments, whether that’s from hundreds of accounts or between two users and easily report on the activity.

Balance Transfer Timelines

Bank to Balance

3-4 Business Days

Balance to Bank

1-2 Business Days

Balance to Balance


Balance to Debit

“Dwolla offers a very solid product and one that has allowed us to do what we intended to do from the start, which is to go beyond just reporting numbers to people”
Chief Product Officer of Astra

Webinar: Explaining the Dwolla Balance

As a funding source type, the Dwolla Balance can be used to send or receive payments for clients and Verified Customers. In this video, we explain the end user requirements and include examples of how businesses are utilizing the Dwolla Balance.

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