Dwolla Platform Features

The core building blocks to program payments within your software application.

Program Payments

Control Your Brand & Experience

Program payments into your application with our robust API and keep control of the user experience.

Bank Agnostic

Our platform works with all U.S. banks and credit unions. There’s no need to change your primary banking relationship to work with us.

Send Money

Send funds to users within your software application or directly to their bank account.

Collect Money

Program the collection of funds on a one-time or recurring basis.


Move money between two end user accounts—or bank accounts—without ever coming into ownership of the funds.


Automate the movement of money between two bank accounts owned by a single end user (ideal for savings applications).

Transfer Types

Standard ACH

Native support for standard ACH transactions, all associated returns and corrections.

Account-to-Account Transfers

Transfer funds between Verified Customer balances in real-time.

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Next Day ACH

Enable next day ACH transactions, all associated returns and corrections.

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Same Day ACH

Enable same day ACH transactions.

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Enable incoming and outgoing recurring wire transfers.

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Push to Debit

Push funds to bank accounts through debit cards 24/7.

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Real-Time Payments (RTP)

Enable transactions through The Clearing House Real Time Payments system.

Customer Types

Verified Customer

Open verified accounts for individuals, businesses, government entities (standard), banks or credit unions (subscription) that hold a balance on the platform.

Receive Only

Generate accounts to enable quickly sending money to an existing U.S. bank or credit union account. Ensure disbursements on your platform are frictionless.

Unverified Customer

Authentication from an end user allows sending and receiving money from a bank account.

Master Balance

Each account comes with a Master Balance owned by the application owner, which funds can be sent from or collected into.

Platform Features

Manage a Platform Balance

Whether it’s for yourself or your end users, the Dwolla platform supports holding a balance associated with Verified Customer accounts or the Master Balance.

Mass Payments

Send thousands of payments at once from your bank or your Master Balance with one easy-to-use API endpoint.


Build and emulate test transactions in our sandbox using our SDKs.

Massively Scalable Infrastructure

High uptime, HATEOAS APIs, asynchronous support with idempotency keys and performant webhooks to automate with.

Automated Notifications

Different customer types and markets require different messaging requirements. We’ve standardized nearly 40 of them.

No Limit of Transactions

Hundreds, thousands, millions of transactions? No problem. Our platform doesn’t limit the number of transactions you initiate.

Branding on Bank Line Item

When your application sends or collects money from an end user, your company name displays on the bank transaction so your customer knows who they are transacting with.

Bank Verification via IAV

Instant account validation with U.S. banks and credit unions is built in. Dwolla.js enables you to validate bank accounts instantly.

Bank Verification via Micro Deposit

If your client banks at a smaller FI or doesn’t want to use instant verification, micro deposits are supported natively at no additional cost.

Instant 24/7 Identity Verification

Open accounts on the platform 24/7.

Automated Returns

Say goodbye to batch files. ACH returns are entirely automated and updates are posted to the relevant webhooks. Return codes are automatically attached to the corresponding transfer and returned via API to be shown in the dashboard.

Automated Corrections

We consume and automate bank transfer detail updates when corrections are recorded. Details are returned via API and via a webhook to notify you.


Webhooks and individual transaction statuses keep you informed during all states of a transfer. No more guessing after you upload the batch file.

Trace ID

Every transfer utilizes the Automated Clearing House (ACH Network), which generates a unique reference number we call a Trace ID. This ID can be used to “trace” funds and see where they are at any given banking institution.

Correlation ID

The Correlation ID value can be specified on API requests to create a Dwolla Transfer or Customer resource. Whether you use this optional parameter to correlate internal transfers, order confirmation numbers, business IDs, or even a timestamp—its simplicity provides a lot of power.

Tokenization From Top to Bottom

When creating accounts or transfers, interactions result in unique identifiers that can be referenced later via the API instead of potentially exposing PII.

Global SSN Protection

Once an identity is known to be bad, it is marked platform-wide to support any fraud program you create.

Global Account Protection

Similar to TIN information, if an account is known to have engaged in bad activity on any application, we can help you protect others to support your own fraud program.

Prebuilt with Regulated FI Partners

When you begin programming payments with Dwolla, you’re building with vetted and regulated financial institution (FI) partners. No need to go negotiate separately with a bank or anywhere else.

No Personal Guarantee

Building a business is hard enough as is. Unlike other payment providers, we don’t require personal guarantees.


Control the flow of your payments with a simple-to-use interface, no building required.


Filter recent account creations, transactions and monitor trends through automatically populated charts.

View Customers

View customer verification statuses and manage your users’ payment information.

Customer Transaction History

A consolidated and searchable view of transaction history across your application.

Webhook History

Give your team the ability to manage webhook history from the dashboard.

API / Application Management

Create and submit production applications in the dashboard.

Initiate Transfers

After an account is created by your end customer, initiate transfers to and from customer records in the dashboard.

Master Balance Management

Your account admin can manage Master Balance funding sources, billing source and balance from the dashboard.

Permissioned Sub-Users

Manage team member access and privileges to your account.


Easily exportable in CSV or XLSX.

Subscription Features

Contract Required

Multiple SEC Codes

Leverage multiple SEC codes like CCD to enable large business-to-business transfers within your application.

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Addenda Records

Add payment-related details to an invoice with specific, customizable transaction information.

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Uptime SLA

Guaranteed uptime for your business.

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No Balance Verified Customer Accounts

Create verified customers that do not have the ability to hold a balance.

Contract Required

Bank or Credit Union Verified Customers

We can work with you to onboard regulated financial institutions as verified customers.

Contract Required

Balance Account Numbers

Generate an account number and routing number coordinated with the Master Balance or Verified Customer accounts, enabling them to receive ACH credits from outside of the Dwolla Platform.

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Self Branded Notifications

Brand transaction emails and notifications with your look. Control the message and the brand from top to bottom.

Contract Required

Increased Transaction Limits

Work with us to increase your transaction limit on an as-needed basis.

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Additional Funding Sources

Each customer supports two funding sources by default. More can be added by upgrading your plan.

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Dedicated Account Representative

Subscription clients receive a private Slack channel with a dedicated account representative. Need assistance with correcting a return or verifying an end user’s identity? Our team is ready to help.

Contract Required

Dedicated Integration Support

Subscription clients receive private Slack channel support to assist with their integration.

Contract Required

Multiple Verified Customer Bank Line Item Branding

Support for multiple custom bank line item branding names. This functionality enables a verified customer account holder’s name to show up on a end users bank line item rather than the application owner.

Contract Required

24/7 Knowledge Based Assessment

Knowledge based assessment questions run 24/7 when opening Verified Customer accounts to save you time.

Contract Required

24/7 Document Verification

If you need to acquire a copy of a physical document for your validation process, our systems are automated to support verification 24/7.

Contract Required

Expanded SFTP Statements

Need custom statements delivered via SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to ingest into your enterprise? We can help with that.

Contract Required

Partner Services

Expended integration services and feature development are available to contracted clients.

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Real-time subaccounting at scale that allows you to allocate funds to usage, instances, sessions or just about anything else.

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Absolute Value Labels

Our labels functionality has the ability to positively or negatively show account balances associated with Verified Customer balances.

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SOC2 Report

Gain access to Dwolla’s third-party attested 2019 SOC 2 Type II report to validate your confidence in the platform.

Contract Required

Run Your Own CIP Bypass Program

If you’re a mature fintech or a financial institution, our platform can directly support your existing CIP program after an approval process.

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On-Demand Transfers

Authorize a bank account to debit at a later point in time for subscription payments or recurring on-demand billing.

Contract Required

Money Services Business Support

Either as a client or as an end user, upgraded accounts can support approved Money Services Businesses.

Contract Required

Unverified Customer to Verified Customer to Unverified Customer Automation

(MSB) and (FI) application owners can automate the movement of money between two unverified customers through an authorized verified customer.

Contract Required

Negative Balance

In association with a funding contract to guarantee balances in your application, support can be provided for negative balances.

Contract Required

General Ledger Support

Restricts an account type to interacting with any account that’s not designated a General Ledger account type at the funding source financial institution.

Contract Required

Loan Account Type Support

Restricts an account type to interacting with any account that is not designated a loan account type at the funding source financial institution.

Contract Required

Time Bound Transaction Limits

Weekly transaction limits can be applied programmatically to unverified customers to match any internal requirements at your business.

Contract Required

No Email Account Creation

You may have pre-existing programs set up to deliver notifications to end users via various channels. Through an approval process, you can apply to bypass email requirements during account creation.

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Bring Your Own Bank

Do you have 1M+ transactions per month and want to bring your own bank into the Dwolla Platform for money movement? We offer a custom integration path for you.

Contract Required

Regulated Entity Support

We can help financial institutions use our programmable payments platform.

Contract Required

Custom Third Party Integration Support

All application owners have the ability to authenticate third parties to share or access transaction data through OAuth.

Technical Integrations

Integrations built for Dwolla work without using additional development resources.


With Dwolla and Plaid, users verify their bank accounts in seconds with a mobile-friendly flow optimized for conversion.


Sync application webhooks with your team’s Slack workspace to get instant updates.


Authenticate QuickBooks to streamline reconciliation and other accounting activities.


Enable real-time risk scoring directly with Sift’s state-of-the-art machine learning platform.


Issue digital or physical cards in partnership with Apto. Apto’s prebuilt Dwolla integration enables instant transfer functionality with cards accepted at retail locations around the world.

A Friendly Ecosystem

Dwolla’s platform functionality enables programmable payments and many of your businesses go beyond that. Our ecosystem is designed to connect you with partners and additional functionality that is already used to working with a tech stack like yours.
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