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Dwolla Platform Features

The core building blocks to program payments within your software application.

Platform Cornerstones

Bank Agnostic

Our platform works with all U.S. banks and credit unions. There’s no need to change your primary banking relationship to work with us.

Branded Experience

Maintain your branding and control your user experience while leveraging our robust payments technology.

Configurable API

Build a payments experience tailored to your business and customer needs.

Scalable Infrastructure

A tested platform that is highly available and scalable to grow with your increasing business needs.


Interactions result in unique identifiers instead of transmitting sensitive data.

Funds Flows


Send funds to your users.


Collect funds from your users.


Move funds between two users.


Move funds between two accounts owned by the same user.


Utilize a combination of two, three or all funds flows to meet the payments needs of your users.

Interact with the Dwolla API

Choose your own adventure with a variety of funds flows and payments types in the demo app.

Transfer Types

Standard ACH

Move funds in and out of external bank accounts, using standard ACH processing times.

Balance-to-Balance Transfers

Move funds instantly between two users in your application.

Next Day ACH

Speed up your transfers with next day availability.

Same Day ACH

Expedite your payments with same day ACH timing.

Real-Time Payments

Send real-time payments to bank accounts participating in the RTP® Network.

Contract Required


Enable incoming and outgoing real-time wire transfers.

Customer Types

Verified Customer

Allow a user to send, receive and hold a balance on your application.

Unverified Customer

Enable a user to send or receive funds with only a name and email address.

Receive Only User

Enable a user to receive funds with only a name and email address.

Platform Features

Addenda Records

Add payment-related details to an ACH transfer with specific, customizable transaction information.

Automated Notifications

Different customer types and markets require different messaging requirements. We’ve standardized nearly 40 of them.

Digital Wallet Functionality

Each client account and Verified Customer is designated a balance to hold funds within your application.

Bank Verification

Verify any U.S. bank or credit union account with Instant Account Verification or micro-deposits.

Community Forum

Communicate with developers by asking questions or reviewing FAQs that have already been asked and answered.

Customized Notifications

Build your own custom, branded notifications to reach your customers.

Custom Transfer Limits

Work with us to increase your transaction limits to fit your business needs.

Custom Feature Development

Engage the Dwolla team for expanded integration services and feature development.

Debit Card Verification

Securely add and instantly verify a domestic debit card to accept online payments.

Dedicated Support Team

Access to a dedicated account representative and developer support. Need assistance with correcting a return or verifying an end user’s identity? Our team is ready to help.

Drop-in Components

Access the Dwolla Platform using low-code solutions to short-cut your integration.

Integrated Partner Functionality

All client applications have the ability to authenticate third parties to share or access data through OAuth.

Mass Payments

Send thousands of payments at once from your bank or balance with one easy-to-use API endpoint.

On-Demand Transfers

Ask your user to attach their bank account, verify the routing information and request authorization to debit the account.

Sandbox Environment

Build your integration in our sandbox test environment.

Sub Ledger Tracking

Designate and track a subset of a Verified Customer’s balance.

Virtual Account Numbers

Simplify the process of transferring funds to and from external parties.


Webhook notifications keep you informed of all activity on your application.


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