Real Estate Investing Through Dwolla
EQUITYMULTIPLE is bringing real estate investing from the country club to the mainstream, with help from Dwolla.
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Cargo Sprint Automates its Payments Processes Using Dwolla
Cargo Sprint decreased manual workload by 98% with the help of Dwolla automating ACH transactions.
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Earnnest Brings Electronic Transfers to Real Estate
To streamline the home-buying process, Earnnest uses Dwolla to make sending earnest money an electronic process.
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"Dwolla was easy to integrate, and providing a white-labeled experience gave Bento a new level of flexibility and capabilities to integrate to the ACH network that we couldn’t find in other providers. We can now give our customers the optimal experience by linking bank accounts and transferring funds."
Sean Anderson
COO and Founder
Astra Empowers Users to Save With Dwolla
Astra is a financial savings app that gives a user the ability to make decisions, based on that banking data - with the help of Dwolla.
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Dwolla Helps Encast Create A Greater Impact
Encast is a fee-free platform for donations, thanks to an integration with Dwolla and the ACH Network.
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Tripcents with Dwolla Helps You Save For Vacation
A group of Colorado entrepreneurs are making it easier to save for vacation—with a little help from Dwolla.
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“It got so bad that we began using a credit card to accelerate payouts. When you’re a marketplace, sacrificing two-to-three percent of your profit margin to maintain a user experience that you don’t even control is just bad business.”
Eddy Lu
EnergyFunders Simplifies its Payments with Automation
EnergyFunders automated its manual payment processes with Dwolla at a cost savings of 20%.
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Instagram Ad Platform Popular Pays Saves Time With Dwolla
Popular Pays is an Instagram ad platform that uses Dwolla to streamline its operations, cutting manual payout tasks by 50%.
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Rally Rd. Provides Investment Opportunities
Rally Rd. needed a custom solution that fit its unique regulatory obligations.
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“ACH is not a simple process to understand. If you told me I had to deal with SFTPing fixed-width text files to a bank or the Federal Reserve, I would probably run. But Dwolla takes all of that complexity and wraps it up behind a well-documented API that does exactly what it says it does.”
Chris Johnson
Sr. Developer
Relay Restaurant Delivery Platform Integrates API for Payouts
Relay Delivery, a restaurant delivery platform, pays its couriers using Dwolla, reducing its manual payout processing tasks by 100%, saving $1,200 a month.
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Nomad Health Integrates Dwolla’s API for Same-Day ACH Payouts
With Dwolla's Same Day ACH transfers, Nomad cut its payout times by 3 days.
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GetMyBoat Marketplace Creates Ideal Payout Experience
The marketplace integrated Dwolla’s scalable, RESTful API in less than 14 days.
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Qoins Mobile App Improves Its Margins with Dwolla
After switching payments providers, Qoins improved margins by 10% with Dwolla’s API.
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