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Here are four innovative companies using Dwolla to power their payments right now. Read why they chose Dwolla in their own words, or skip to the bottom where we summarize what they enjoy about the solution.


As the fastest growing company in Utah, is a boutique marketplace that sells everything from handbags to homegoods. implemented Dwolla to payout earnings to merchants selling goods via their marketplace.

Here’s what they said:

“Dwolla is essential for us to re-open and attract new conversations with larger clients who required a more seamless onboarding experience. With only three endpoints and a webhooks integration, was able to build a lightweight ACH solution in 14 days that allowed us to control the experience for our merchants end to end.”

Mike McEwan, CEO of

2: Wunder Capital

In order to make investing in sustainable energy sources more accessible, Wunder Capital built a platform that simplifies financing for solar installers and investing for individual accredited investors. With Wunder, experience an easy-to-access marketplace that uses the Dwolla API to power payments.

Here’s what they said:

“We have looked high and low for a provider capable of seamlessly and securely facilitating our ACH transactions, and we couldn’t be happier to be partnered with Dwolla. Their API allows us the flexibility that we need to deeply integrate ACH transactions into our platform without disrupting our user experience. From customer identity verification to bank account verification to the transactions themselves, Dwolla takes the complex world of payment processing and wraps it up into an API that is painless to integrate. And perhaps most importantly, working with the Dwolla team has been an absolute pleasure.”

Dave Riess, CTO of Wunder

3: Blue Zebra

Blue Zebra makes it easy to manage and pay thousands of referees through its customizable software solutions. Blue Zebra integrated with Dwolla to make its clients’ lives easier, programmatically routing funds directly to referees’ bank accounts.

Here’s what they said:

“The reason we decided to use Dwolla is that it fit perfectly with making things easy for officials. To get paid, they enter their bank account information in Dwolla, and then they can get paid. It’s also easier for our conference clients; they connect a bank account and make payments directly from their checking account—no managing wire transfers or ACH deposits into a third party account before being able to pay officials. Finally, Dwolla’s support has been fantastic, both for our officials and for our administrators who manage the payments.“

Jeff Wigal, Founder and CTO

4: Sweep

Recently launched at Money2020, Sweep is a financial app that makes achieving savings goals more attainable. Sweep uses Dwolla to facilitate a user’s transfers from one of their bank accounts to another within its cutting-edge mobile app.

Here’s what they said:

“Dwolla was able to offer the exact service our customers wanted whereas traditional financial institutions either didn’t understand how to do this or couldn’t move fast enough.  And the smaller payments startups didn’t quite have the processes and structures we needed. Most importantly, Dwolla knows how to be a good partner. They listened to our needs and worked closely with our team to get us ready in time for Money2020.”

Jackson Gates, CEO & Co-founder of Sweep


When choosing the right solution to power payments, there are a lot of moving pieces to consider. Dwolla’s proven a strong, yet flexible solution for several customers—above are just a few.

To sum up what they’re saying…

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