At Dwolla, our core beliefs are the foundation of who we are.

Earlier this year, our entire company was engaged to define our core beliefs. We wanted our words to represent not only who we are, but who we aspire to be. Core beliefs are our guiding principles, our philosophies and the foundation of our brand.

We are inventors, creators and believers.
We believe that we can create innovative solutions that delight our customers through ingenuity, creativity and iteration.
Inclusion fuels innovation.
We believe the best teams are built by the inclusion of diverse ideas, experiences and people.
Money equals data.
We believe in the value of digital infrastructure to securely exchange money.
We are never done.
We believe in a relentless pursuit of success for our customers, our team and our community

Our company evolved, our brand needed to evolve with it.

Throughout our discussions on how our brand can visually represent who we are, there were three primary elements that continued to be at the forefront of every conversation. Our customer, our product and our vision.

An unwavering dedication to our customers’ success.

Many of our customers are fast-growing technology companies around the U.S. Our platform is powering them to move billions of dollars in commerce annually. We are completely dedicated to their success.

A commitment to continually improving our product.
With our API, we are never far from our customers’ interface, providing them and their users with a fast, affordable and secure connection to the ACH Network. Since our founding in 2008, we have been committed to building the ideal platform to move money.

An inspiring vision we all yearn to achieve.
We view the internet as a layer that connects people and value. We want to support those connections and build the digital infrastructure to securely exchange anything of value. Our vision is to support the value layer of the internet.

When you layer together our customer, our product and our vision, these three layers visually represent who we are.

Our new logo demonstrates movement in a strong, secure direction. Our wordmark, virtually unchanged from the way it’s been for years, reminding us that while we are never done, we are also thankful for who we once were.

We’ve always been a company that thinks about things differently. Now we are proud to say we look the part.


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