Dwolla provides a robust and flexible bank transfer API that you can integrate into your existing platform or application while maintaining control of your brand standards. Design your payment experience to seamlessly fit within your user experience.

The Dwolla White Label bank transfer API allows you to get up and running in a fraction of the time it would take you to build your own solution, and helps you navigate the complex ACH system.

Before you get started building out your White Label bank transfer integration in our sandbox testing environment, read through the common questions asked during the implementation period:

1 . What parts of Dwolla do my users need to interact with?

For most of your users, we will require that they accept Dwolla’s terms of service and privacy policy when they create a customer record. However, since your customers will create their records within your interface, you can do this in a few ways. The Dwolla TOS and privacy policy language can be accepted in a separate flow or in a combined flow with your own terms of service when they are completing record creation.

Exception: White Label Receive-Only Customers

Customer records created in a receive-only capacity (they will never need to send payments) will not need to agree to Dwolla’s terms of service or privacy policy, but you will need to add a few lines of Dwolla-provided language into your TOS to give us authorization to originate payments on their behalf.

2. If my user has a Dwolla account, does that affect my WL integration?

If you have users that already have pre-existing Dwolla accounts, they will not be affected when becoming White Label users of your application. We have built our White Label solution in a way that keeps partner integrations and their corresponding ecosystems separate. However, if you are a current Dwolla partner with a pre-existing user base built on Dwolla, we have a way for you to programmatically transition customers over to your White Label application.

3. Do I have to send emails to my customers when I facilitate payments?

In most cases, we require that you send emails to your users in regards to their payment status. For users that are verifying their financial institutions using our micro-deposit or instant account verification software, as well as those that will be sending funds in your system, we require you to put in place email communications that satisfy Reg E and other regulatory requirements. Sending these emails is not only legally required but also an essential part of providing quality customer service and establishing valuable touch-points with your customer. Design the tone, look and feel of your emails in a way that accurately reflects your brand, while leveraging our webhooks to send these communications automatically.

4. What kind of reporting do I get?

We have an extensive series of webhooks that you can utilize to pull your own custom reports. We are actively in development of a dashboard for White Label partners in which reporting on customers and transactions will be displayed, so stay tuned.

5. What kind of information do I need to collect from customers?

For customers that will be sending funds:

At a minimum, you will need to collect the customer’s full name and email address. You also will need to verify customers’ bank accounts. We provide both instant account verification (IAV) and a micro-deposit method for verifying bank accounts within our White Label solution.

For customers receiving funds only:

At a minimum, you will need to collect the customer’s full name, email address, and a parameter of “receive-only.” You will connect a bank account associated with that customer by providing both account and routing number.

6. What if I want to use my own bank verification software?

The Dwolla White Label API is flexible and works easily with other software providers you may already have in place. If you have established your own bank verification software, such as Plaid, you can utilize their services to verify bank accounts instead of implementing our bank verification processes. However, we will ask to see evidence that this software is in place and being utilized appropriately.

Integrate our White Label payment solution right into your own platform’s user experience, and start facilitating bank transfers to, from, or between your users. Contact us today and let us help you design a payment solution that fits your needs.

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