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On June 4, 2015, Dwolla dropped our transaction-based pricing model. Then, in August of that same year, we released the first phase of our White Label product—essentially harnessing the power of Dwolla’s payment infrastructure for payouts in four endpoints and allowing customers to implement it under their own brand.

quarter-imgDropping our fee of 25¢ per transaction for transfers over $10 allowed us to focus not on volume, but rather solely on building out our payments software and move to a SaaS-based pricing model. Removing the irritation of per-transaction pricing granted us a new-found freedom. We could freely dive into building out the platform in a way that customers could easily build on top of—providing a seamless customer onboarding and payment experience.

From the beginning, we’ve provided webhooks that allow you to receive and provide real-time updates on customer account and transaction status changes and ACH transfer (to, from, and between members), as well as the ability to leverage “stored value” in a digital wallet-like capacity. Over the past year, we’ve released a plethora of features that can be accessed inside of the White Label API, such as instant account verification, micro-deposit bank verification, on-demand transfers, document upload, and dwolla.js (bank verification in just a few lines of code).

Personally, I’ve been with Dwolla for over 5 years. Our team, our company, and our product have changed drastically since the first day I wandered in, but the mission has stayed the same—to build a better way for our customers to move money. I couldn’t be more proud of the solution and our customers than I am today.

Since this pricing change, we’ve continued to refine our White Label offering as we learn from the feedback that our awesome customers provide.

Just last week, we released our first iteration of the Dwolla Dashboard and Admin
—an intuitive interface that brings the powerful data generated by the API front and center, allowing customers (regardless of technical efficiency) to easily keep a pulse on the health of the business. Within the Dashboard, customers will discover beautiful charts and graphs highlighting key business trends and metrics, view transaction details, and manage customer information.


Providing the software to access the ACH network within a branded platform or application is one thing, however we realized a crucial opportunity to set ourselves apart from our competitors in both the financial and tech industry—provide white glove integration support.

From the sales representative who develops your one-of-a-kind proposal, the integration lead guiding you through development within our sandbox and production environments, to the account services lead who advises you throughout the entire implementation process and beyond, we’re here to provide you with a top-notch experience. We believe that anyone paying for access to our White Label platform should also have direct access to dedicated support within the company.

Product Update: We’ve added multi-user functionality to the Dashboard.

Which brings us to the question: how much does our White Label ACH API cost? Each White Label integration is different, designed to fit the unique needs of a customer. From requiring various levels of account verification services to paying out thousands of customers at one time, there is no one-size-fits-all integration. That’s why we work with you to determine the best package and pricing for your needs.

Doing away with a per-transaction pricing model helped us pave the way for delivering more control over the feature set provided. It’s also been great for the business—in the past year, we’ve been able to grow our revenue stream 30% month-over-month. It allowed our team to get laser-focused on building, marketing, and selling a modern access point to the ACH network.

Let the experts at Dwolla help you streamline payments within your organization and for your customers. Whether you’re an established software provider, an innovative new marketplace, or a small team building the first iteration of your new savings app, we’re here to help you tap into the payment platform we’ve already built.

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