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If you’ve ever considered taking steps to improve customer experience, you’ve likely thought about what the payments flow feels like. You want users to seamlessly glide through registration steps, attach a funding source, and complete setup as easily as possible.

In the webinar below, we talk you through the differences between your current Dwolla-branded integration and offer up solutions using our Dwolla product to power payments. Our team of experts explains the value of a white label integration, the technical aspects and benefits of our new API, and introduce you to a migration tool for getting customers on-boarded in the most seamless way possible.

Whether you’re working with pay-ins, payouts, or sending or receiving funds, Dwolla can work for you. We’ll help you learn how in the webinar below:

When we hosted this live session, we received some great questions from attendees. Here’s an outline of those questions and their corresponding answers to get you on the right track. For more information, reach out to an integration specialist right now.

How long does a typical integration take?

It depends on the integration you’re doing and the level of complexity. Spending time in the sandbox before going into a contract can speed things up. We’ve had customers up and running in as little as 10 days while some have taken 1-2 months based on their needs. Basically, Dwolla’s support is here to help you understand your time frame and get you going by your target launch date.

What level of technical support would a customer get?

Dwolla has various packages, each with varying technical support. In our co-branded, premium solution you get email access to our team while our white label package comes with more direct contact with the developer relations team—direct chat, real-time answers, and the option to hop on a call for a truly white glove experience.

Can you clarify the options for speeding up payments from 3-4 business days?

As part of a package, we offer a feature called Dwolla Next Day which speeds up standard ACH transfer time from 3-4 business days, and cuts that wait time to 1-2 business days. 

What kind of information do I need to collect from my customers?
Required information collected varies based on your payment needs and customer account types. We will help you determine which account types best suit your platform’s needs when you contact us.  

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