A business based out of Des Moines, Iowa, that previously only recruited local talent made the transition like so many others to a remote-first working environment and now has 130 employees spread across 21 states and multiple time zones. Dwolla leaned into being “remote-first” and expanded our footprint in a way we never have before.

Each day a Dwollan joins their morning team meeting, they’re likely speaking to co-workers across the country. While companies large and small are stressing over how to bring employees back to the office or juggling the expectations of a hybrid schedule, Dwolla is changing the status quo.

Your office is wherever you make it.

We’re constantly finding new ways to foster connections and empower employees to work in a way that suits them best—while still building a world-class payments platform that is flexible, reliable and easy to use.

Creative Ways to Connect

A Pew Research Center survey on work in America found 60% of people working from home feel less connected to their co-workers than they did when working in an office.

That’s not surprising.

Without the ability to grab a mid-morning coffee, chat across computers or meet up after work, how do co-workers get to know each other? We’re embracing the opportunities that life at a remote-first company presents.

  • “First Friend” Program: The “First Friend” initiative is part of our remote onboarding experience to introduce new employees to Dwollans across different teams.
  • Birthday Coffee with the COO: Dave Glaser, Dwolla’s President & COO, meets each month with a group of team members who share a birthday month. Team members get to enjoy a cup of coffee on Dave and use the hour to get to know each other.
  • Happy Hour: Hosted virtually and in person! Dwolla’s downtown Des Moines headquarters has a number of great spots to get together for those who live or are visiting the office in Iowa. For those that are unable to attend in person, we prioritize creating intentional time to connect with a cross-department team member with a beverage of choice.
  • Culture Crews: A diverse group of employees come together from different departments to work on a passion project. We believe the more employees feel included in the organization, the more innovation and success we can achieve. Being intentional about communication, engagement and collaboration while working remotely has proven to be the key to keeping team members involved.
  • Radical Transparency: From financial firesides to board deck reviews, information is readily shared and available during all company meetings. Interaction is encouraged and welcomed, not judged or mocked. We’re all shareholders in the business.
  • Book Club: A few times a year team members come together cross-departmentally to read the same book and have a discussion. Recent selections have been around company culture and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

These are a few examples of how we’re fostering connection in a remote-first company.

And team members living in beautiful places aren’t shy about sharing their scenery. You’d be surprised how much a live video of the ocean can brighten the day of a co-worker stuck inside on a dreary Tuesday.

Want to listen to a meeting while walking your dog? Go for it. Settling in at a cozy coffee shop for the day? A change of scenery is encouraged. Working from California for a month? We love to see it!

While we do work from home the majority of the time, our downtown Des Moines office is open to team members who want to work from there. We also hold quarterly on-site meetings where team members from across the country can strategize in person.

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Living Our Values

Employees recently described Dwolla’s culture like this:

  • “Inclusive, transparent, diverse and flexible.”
  • “An appreciation for open dialogue, sharing of information, challenging the status quo.”
  • “A friendly environment where there is a true sensing of caring, respect and willingness to do that it takes to move fast.”
  • “Attention to work/life balance and having fun.”
  • “A sense of community.”

While we have leaned into being a remote-first company, we are never done. We’re constantly seeking feedback from team members on how to improve our culture, particularly in a virtual environment. Working at Dwolla means taking ownership not only of your job, but of the company culture.

Senior leaders at Dwolla (including our President and CEO) are just a Slack message or Google Meet away. We believe that inclusion fuels success.

This snippet from CEO Brady Harris’ welcome letter to new employees sums this up well: “We want to hear your thoughts. We want to learn from your experiences. We want to lean on your strengths. Treat Dwolla like you would your own business, because it is.”

“We want to hear your thoughts. We want to learn from your experiences. We want to lean on your strengths. Treat Dwolla like you would your own business, because it is.”
Brady Harris
CEO of Dwolla

Harris sends the whole company the slide deck that’s presented to our Board of Directors and hosts an all company meeting for Dwollans to ask questions and discuss the material.

When leaders at Dwolla ask for feedback, they really mean it!

If this sounds like a company culture you want to be a part of, we have numerous job openings to start your Dwolla career.


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