This is a guest post authored by Ricky Michel Presbot, CO-Founder of Ualett®

Ualett is a mobile application that was launched with the main intention of creating an experience for independent contractors with rideshares, taxis and trucking to provide a more efficient way for them to receive payments. This sector of employees in the travel network has a tough responsibility of keeping America moving at all times, which means that finding efficiencies to help improve their day-to-day schedules is crucial. To help us achieve our objectives as an application, we needed a payment solution that supported the patterns of our end users, and that was Dwolla. 

Time, service, effectiveness and consistency is our main promise as a brand, and the association with Dwolla has allowed us to achieve it. Thanks to the operational efficiency of Dwolla’s technology, our app has transformed a service to our target market that was previously time consuming. Today, the thousands of independent drivers who use our service declare themselves to be the best providers of the service of independent transport in America. Ualett® has become a collaborative app supporting a trade that permanently travels the path to digital and seeks to remove the barriers between them and their service providers. 

Enhancing the Daily Routine

One of the biggest concerns of today’s users in this particular industry is having confidence in the product or service they are using, especially a digital service. Determining that ACH payments were the best approach for our business model, we decided that partnering with Dwolla would provide our customers a streamlined way to receive payments. Dwolla’s white-label technology allows Ualett® to continue to control the brand and experience for users and assist them with the proper management of their funds through ACH transfers.

Onboarding a new user to the Ualett® application is simple, from creating an account, linking a bank account, and verifying the users, contractors are confident with the efficiency of the payments and their experience with the platform. We have also created an artificial intelligence component within our system that collaborates with information input by the contractor to help establish the appropriate bank account. As soon as they have a bank account added, they must request an arrangement, choosing the payment plan that suits them according to their needs. Dwolla helps us transfer the funds selected by the user in the same way that it helps users pay for the amount they selected, all automatically from the bank account attached to the customer. This process is a great example of how Dwolla’s platform was able to adapt to our business needs, serving as a great payment solution to our e-commerce application.

Currently present in 40 states, Ualett® has been recognized with extreme satisfaction amongst the millions of application users through positive comments, telephone surveys, digital platform reviews and 100% satisfaction amongst customers. Dwolla has been a key component in attaining such recognition from our users.

Ualett® has transformed the lifestyle of independent drivers in the United States. Through ease of accessibility of the platform, simplified user onboarding and efficient payment transfers, any contractor with access to a smartphone can start recognizing the benefits Ualett® provides.

Considerations for Contractor Payments 


Ualett® was looking for ways to maintain and grow confidence among users and they needed a payment solution to support that objective. Dwolla’s platform has shown a dedication to its security through its SOC2 achievements. Additionally, transferring funds through the ACH Network has proven to be one of the most reliable and protected ways to send payments. This helped determine that Dwolla was the right fit for the Ualett® application.

When a contractor is onboarded, their personal information and banking information details are passed to Dwolla from the Ualett® application in a tokenized fashion, to help prevent the exposure of any personally identifying information from being exposed. After adding the bank information, a security code is used to verify the identity of the user. Once the user has been verified, they can start sending or receiving secure payment transfers within Ualett®️’s application.


We understand the independent contractor driver’s responsibilities and our platform makes it easy for them to choose their own payments schedule, depending on the day that better suits them, for the advance quotes they selected. They can choose one business day of the week in which quotes will be automatically debited directly from their bank account added to the platform.

Accessible Payments

Ualett® users have many options when it comes to building their ideal payment experience with our application. But making sure that the application is easily accessible to those in this industry, as well as the payments, is important. With the additional features we have with Dwolla, like Same Day ACH, our users can access funds even faster than anticipated. With this, we continue to maintain a high customer satisfaction rating.

Riding with Dwolla

We are proud of what we have built and our current impact on those in the rideshare sector. We look forward to continued growth and keeping our commitment to our users with efficiency and consistency first. Our partnership with Dwolla has supported our platform growth thus far, and we have no doubt that it will continue to perform. 

About Ualett®️

Ualett® is a registered trademark owned and operated by Cabicash Solutions Inc., headquartered in Delaware. We are a service app that buys accounts receivables generated by your business as an independent driver, using an account receivables sales and purchase agreement. Ualett® is a club, team and a family where every member is important. We are here for you, and that is why we are more than a cash advance company!

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