Dwolla strives to help organizations solve tough problems and bring their solutions to market swiftly. Whether payments are your business or support your business, Dwolla is a reliable provider of ACH technology, and more recently access to card payments.

Dwolla is expanding our product offering with Real-Time Payments (RTP), combining the best of cash and technology. Money sent via the RTP® Network is available to the receiver in seconds, and with Dwolla – it’s available straight from your application 24/7/365. RTP and Dwolla help you meet your customers around the clock where they are with payments in real-time.

We are particularly excited about the RTP® Network’s good funds model and technical infrastructure. Combining the two offers businesses a payment solution that’s truly “always on.” RTP transfers provide the parties involved with finality of funds, making RTP transfers irrevocable. And because you’re connected through Dwolla’s modern payment API, your business is updated in real time as transactions are initiated and processed.

The future of payments is available instantly, year round and, with Dwolla’s API, programmable.

Benefits of RTP

RTP has the potential to change how entire industries handle payments. Still using checks? Tired of paying credit card fees?

Here are just a few of the ways RTP can transform your business.

Better Cash Flow Management

Treasury management is a critical aspect of growing a successful business, which is made easier with RTP. The speed and availability of RTP gives control back to organizations. Businesses can schedule and make payments when they want to, not when they have to. Keep your money where you want to, until you want to.

Take confidence in knowing that RTP transfers with Dwolla clear and settle individually, update in real-time and are final. At a time with so much unpredictability, RTP provides certainty to both sides of the transaction.

Benefits of a Good Funds Model

The RTP® Network is built on a good funds model. When you initiate an RTP transfer, you can be assured the funds will be delivered in seconds. RTP transfers are irrevocable, which allows financial institutions to post the funds and make them available within seconds.

With a good funds model, there’s no more worrying about returns. The RTP® Network provides businesses finality of funds.

Real-Time Updates for Better Data Management

Dwolla’s modern payment API provides businesses with accessibility, availability and management of their payment data in real time. Dwolla will automatically send a notification of a payments’ success; or in the event of an error, Dwolla will pass the appropriate message back via the API. Our payment technology will help your business stay up-to-date in real time.

Real-Time Payment Use Cases

Dwolla understands each businesses’ funds flow and use case is unique. Knowing one size doesn’t fit all, we’re pleased to be able to support a wide range of industries and their specific payment needs.

RTP is particularly suited to support disbursement use cases. RTP can level-up how your business operates, whether you are B2B, B2C or C2B or a combination, you can power your business with RTP. Manage insurance disbursements, connect freelancers with their next gig or facilitate an online marketplace. We’re seeing companies of all sizes use RTP to differentiate themselves from others in their industry.

We are particularly thrilled to offer our clients the ability to send and facilitate RTP transfers. So whether your business is sending out payments directly to individuals and businesses or facilitating payments for others, our platform can support you.

Dwolla Makes RTP Easy

Dwolla’s modern payment technology can help your business boost its payment experiences. Clients can get up and running with RTP quickly in just three simple steps:

  1. Onboard a Customer
  2. Attach an RTP-enabled Bank Account
  3. Initiate an RTP transfer

If you’ve already partnered with us for ACH—or hope to—switching between ACH and RTP is as easy as changing the channel. Literally!

Here’s a sample RTP request:

   "_links": {
       "source": {
           "href": "https://api-sandbox.dwolla.com/funding-sources/{sourceFundingSource}"
       "destination": {
           "href": "https://api-sandbox.dwolla.com/funding-sources/{destinationFundingSource}"
   "amount": {
       "currency": "USD",
       "value": "10.00"
   "processingChannel": {
       "destination": "real-time-payments"

Which Banks Support RTP?

Because the RTP® Network is still such a new payment rail the list of supported financial institutions continues to grow. Today, the RTP® Network reaches roughly 56% of Demand Deposit Accounts in the United States supporting all major FI’s.

Dwolla makes it easy to know if a bank account is eligible to receive an RTP transaction. When you go to select a bank account for a payment, Dwolla will include the RTP property in our response so you can pick the best option for your particular transfer. We will do the same when new bank accounts get added to your platform and we’ll update your existing bank accounts as they become eligible for RTP. Dwolla strives to make our products easy to use and accessible for our clients.

Become a Real-Time Payment Company

The RTP® Network is transformative because it is a good funds solution powered by APIs. Payments sent over the RTP® Network post in seconds instead of hours or days. RTP is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With RTP, there are no nightly, weekend or holiday restrictions.

The future of payments is accessible, instant and available at Dwolla. Please contact us today to learn how RTP can transform your business.

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