ACH transfers, while efficient, can be a headache to set up. Finding a bank to work with and managing everything from ACH returns to corrections while also managing risk takes a big, experienced team. First, consider if you are up for that task. We have a helpful guide for considerations on whether you should handle payments in-house or whether you should go with a third-party provider.

Dwolla provides a solution that helps you integrate bank transfers into your native application or platform – all with your own branding.

We know that setting up third-party ACH payments may seem overwhelming, but Dwolla has significant experience here. It usually takes an expert team to find the right bank to work with and manage everything from ACH returns to corrections, all while also managing fraud and compliance regulations.

Dwolla can help you streamline all those aspects of the payments process, connect you to the right bank, and all at a predictable, scalable cost. With Dwolla’s ACH API, you are securely connected to the customers you want to send money to, receive money from and facilitate transfers between.

While other third-party ACH transfer services may not give you confidence in your payments, Dwolla can. We work with the world’s most innovative companies – just like yours.

We believe in the efficient and timely transfer of money. We want you to succeed.

No matter what your business is, we can help make ACH payments painless. You can incorporate ACH transfers into your application by building on top of our API and creating a seamless payments process for your customer.

Are you interested in finding out how your business could be using Dwolla to optimize your ACH payments processing? Our sales team is waiting to help you discover the best payments solution for you and your customers. Reach out to us and let us know all about your business needs and how we can help you get ACH transfers set up.

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