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One reason we love having an open API is it encourages unique, new integrations and innovation that we may not have the bandwidth to do ourselves. A great example of this is the latest integration from JotForm—an incredibly popular form building tool.

JotForm is an online form builder that allows you to create registrations, applications, surveys or contact forms and embed them right in your web page. This is an ideal tool for the non-technically gifted, no coding know-how needed—possibly even the easiest online form building tool out there. Better yet, it’s free to use.

payment form integration


Since first launching nearly 10 years ago, JotForm has beefed up its form builder, adding new functionality and options for users. One of its latest additions is integrating Dwolla.

Using Dwolla with JotForm allows for easy collection of payments via the ACH network. Use the integration to collect a payment right from your online form—great for order forms, payments for clubs or donations—all with no fee per transaction.

About the integration

Form Payment Integration

If you’re considering integrating Dwolla, JotForm is a great example of putting the API to work. Its developer team tapped into the UAT sandbox environment to first build in a test environment, and any questions they had were preemptively answered just by visiting the discuss board. A quick and smooth turnaround, here’s what their integration timeline looked like:

Day 1-3: Learning the API, researching capabilities relevant to our needs
Day 3-4: Write classes, perform initial API tests and prep for launch

Essentially, JotForm launched their integration in just a handful of days, and it’s live now!

JotForm is incredibly versatile, it has users ranging from Fortune 500 companies, including the likes of Uber and Chevron, as well as famous nonprofits and major universities, like the University of Cincinnati and Harvard.

Integrate your own form or get started with a Dwolla integration all your own by visiting the developer documentation.

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