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Here’s a question…are you getting paid on time? If not, then why? Finding the right invoicing tool is critical to ensuring you’re getting paid for your work.

Invoice Ninja, an open source invoicing platform, can be the solution that fits your needs and improves your chances of receiving payment on time. With free access to code and documentation, if Invoice Ninja isn’t the perfect fit for you as is, you can build a custom solution that is.

The invoicing software gives you the ability to create and email invoices online for free to up to 100 different customers and clients. They’ve wired up slick invoicing templates for use—all that’s needed is your business’s logo and information.

Beyond just the invoice, Invoice Ninja allows you to easily track time and tasks, catalog your products within a library, and alerts you to when invoices are paid. It’s a tool that fills your most pertinent freelancing needs to keep you and your business running efficiently.

Integrating with an open source platform

Invoice Ninja is an open source project, which means that anyone can view the source code of the project and make their own contributions.

This is advantageous, as the quality of your product is no longer limited by your team’s resources—anybody with the appropriate experience can develop for your project to make it more robust, secure, and user-friendly.

Dwolla + Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja has a solid host of offerings on its own, but when paired with Dwolla the opportunity to improve profit margins grow. Invoice Ninja will help you get paid, empowering you to send an invoice and alert customers of their bill. Then Dwolla will step in to process the payments.

With zero cost per Dwolla transaction and zero cost to get started with Invoice Ninja, it’s a no brainer. Integrating Dwolla + Invoice Ninja is pretty easy, and our developer support team has done a bit of the legwork for you.

Recently an Omnipay Driver Integration was released for PHP-based platforms, creating a universal payment gateway and making it easier to get up and running with existing payment-related applications like Invoice Ninja.

Open sourced projects can lead to useful, effective solutions leveraging the power of an open API.

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