There is no higher priority at Dwolla than supporting our customers. Whether your business is migrating away from an existing payment solution or Dwolla is your first integration with a payment API, we’re invested in your success.

The world-class service from our customer success team is one of the most valuable parts of being a Dwolla client. These helpful folks get you on board as a client and become your primary point of contact to make sure you’re getting value from the Dwolla Platform.

As the platform grows, so does our commitment to being the model for how to structure a SaaS support team. We’re always asking ourselves how can we be more efficient when working with a client? What can we automate? What learnings can we share?

We offer robust developer documentation, written by developers, for developers, to help with integrating a payment API. Need help creating a customer within the API? We have a resource for that. End user onboarding issue? We can help.

“We’ve had great support and have really enjoyed working with the Dwolla team,” said Korb Matosich, CEO and Co-Founder of Asserta Health. “We love how responsive they were to both our business and technical questions.”

From start to finish, you’ll feel supported by Dwolla. Your success is our success.

Our customers and partners are racing to disrupt features of financial services industries. These innovators, from startups to enterprise digital transformation experts, need to move fast and are looking for modern ways to build new platforms, deploy products and solve problems. Today’s innovators demand self-service tools from their partners and vendors to keep pace. Dwolla is delivering on our promise to power these innovators with sophisticated account-to-account payment solutions by offering world class customer service, both self-service and live-agent models.”

Spoil Surprises During the Integration

Dwolla Account Managers have the expertise to know what a business should expect when they offer account-to-account transactions. By being dialed in to what each of their customers is working on, account managers can point out information that a customer may not be aware of or expected to know.

For example, businesses should know about regulatory requirements relating to CIP verification and Know Your Customer processes. We know what to expect and can pass that information on to you so your business can start realizing revenue faster.

This is just one area where Dwolla’s dedicated support can be extremely valuable.

One to Many

In addition to features within the Dwolla Platform that help monitor transactions and payment statuses—like trace ID, the Dwolla Dashboard and webhooks—we understand the need to trust, but verify. Which is why clients have access to a private workspace where they can communicate directly with our support team.

Our customers love this.

“The dedicated support channel was huge for us,” said Astra CEO Gil Akos. “The feedback time was much shorter, very different from submitting a ticket.”

Astra’s integration required “really high touch, high-value” interactions with Dwolla’s dedicated support channel. The ability to work quickly and collaborate allowed Astra to seamlessly integrate new products and make them available to customers “super fast.”

“Our customers love that the acceleration of new tech is so quick,” Akos said.

Support at Dwolla means when a message is sent, as many as four team members are notified. You’re not sent to the next available representative. Dwolla structured its SaaS support teams to combine members from several departments across the organization. This structure gives each business a point of contact for various aspects of their integration and eventual account.

A senior member of our customer success team explains it like this:

“This lateral functionality where we can all work cross functionally helps us answer questions faster. The whole idea is that the person who starts working with you knows as much about your integration as the person who supports you on a daily basis.”

Simple problems, such as ACH transaction delays caused by banking holidays, deserve timely solutions. (We’ll send you banking holiday reminders via email.) Complex issues deserve more attention.

Company-Wide Commitment

You will not struggle to find support from the Dwolla team to address your specific needs. When your business integrates the Dwolla API, you’re not just accessing the customer support team. You’re getting the keys to the castle and can tap into the knowledge base of risk and compliance, developer advocates and more.

We’re intentional about getting customer-facing team members up to speed to help with integrations and account management. Our six-week training program leaves team members mentally exhausted (only kidding, kind of!) and is at the forefront of virtual training. We’ve restructured our training to bring new hires up to speed fast and listen to customers in innovative ways that challenge the status quo.

“We’re jumping off the diving board into the deep end in terms of restructuring support,” a customer success team member said. “Our people are our value. They are excited to partner with customers and identify ways to help them grow and scale.”

Introducing the Knowledge Center

After months of work—and years in the making—we’re excited to expand Dwolla’s Customer Success program with the launch of the Dwolla Knowledge Center at This knowledge center is a foundational x-factor, complementing our developer resources and discussion forums. is designed to answer specific questions during and after integrating Dwolla’s payment API. We combed through nearly a decade of notes to address some of our most frequently asked questions and support requests.

Ideally, a knowledge article gives you the tools to resolve an issue without needing to reach out to us.

But we’re not abandoning you! Our top-notch support system is standing by to help power sophisticated account-to-account transactions whether you’re a legacy company undergoing a digital transformation or a startup in need of a payments solution built for scale.

“Dwolla shortcutted the support cycle down from hours and days with email exchanges in real time,” said the CTO of GROUNDFLOOR.

If this sounds like the customer experience you expect from a payments provider, view our pricing plans and reach out to us to make sure you’re supported during your digital transformation.


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