In the end, we’re all just trying to give customers the best experience possible—an experience that is pleasant and seamless.

Dwolla’s White Label bank transfer API helps businesses and platforms of varying shapes and sizes deliver a customized payments experience to users using ACH. Plug our API into your site or platform, and get started with better pay-ins and payouts.

We’ve recently added new functionality to our White Label API, including on-demand bank transfers.

What are on-demand bank transfers?

As part of the Dwolla White Label product, on-demand bank transfers allow you to bill your customer for varying amounts at a future date.

First, use Dwolla’s white labeled instant bank account verification (IAV) experience embedded into your website. With on-demand bank transfers, the additional step is adding a few sentences letting your customer know that by connecting their bank account they’re also authorizing the “bill later” function.

With on-demand bank transfers offered as part of Dwolla White Label, you gain the ability to bill in a more seamless way. Your customer authorizes this “bill me later” functionality, and the payments become less of a hassle.

On-demand use cases

On-demand bank transfers are perfect for subscription-based services. For example, utility services charge monthly based on usage of the given utility—this usage amount is rarely the same from month to month. It wouldn’t make sense to set up recurring flat-monthly payments for the utility service, you want the functionality to collect variable amounts.

With on-demand bank transfers, you get just that. Your users are easily able to authorize transfers for variable amounts from their bank account using ACH based on their usage, without having to reauthorize the transfer each month.

Other niches prime for on-demand payments:

  • Cloud computing services
  • Ride sharing or asset sharing platforms
  • Subscription-based productivity applications
  • B2B services that bill on a variable basis

Dwolla White Label has a host of options to provide you and your users the easiest on-ramp to ACH. It’s all about delivering the best solution, so you can give your user the best possible experience.

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