At Dwolla, one of our core beliefs is that we are never done. This belief is especially applied in our commitment to security and trust. We practice iterative security, constantly testing our controls and updating them to the latest standards. We also believe in partnerships with industry experts to ensure the highest level of trust.

One of those partnerships is with Sift. Sift uses machine learning technology to provide top-notch fraud prevention that helps companies scale. Jeff Sakasegawa, Trust & Safety Architect at Sift, writes about the partnership between Sift and Dwolla and how we are two like-minded companies working towards digital peace of mind.


by Jeff Sakasegawa, Trust & Safety Architect @ Sift

Stronger together by ensuring trust

Anyone who works in the payments space has heard an innumerable amount of platitudes which boil down to one thought: payments are evolving rapidly.

While the phrasing and sentiment may elicit groans, the truth of the statement remains. Faster processing times, exciting development in APIs, enabling underserved markets, and new payment methods are now routine in the market. However, each of these innovations requires facing a similar truth—innovation requires trust.

At Sift, we facilitate this trust by using best-in-class machine learning to differentiate between good and bad populations in real time. With a signal depth in the thousands, we scour device, email, IP and behavioral intelligence to programmatically generate a Sift Score informed by the 34,000 websites and apps using Sift. The granularity and nuance of the score itself enables you to have precise control of what you allow or don’t allow on your platform. This ensures that you can automate not just the prevention of bad activity on your website or app, but also streamline the conversion of good activity in parallel. Sift works relentlessly with its customers to ensure that the growth of their businesses is just as important as their protection.

This is why we’re so happy to be partners with Dwolla. They are equally impassioned about trust as demonstrated by their security controls, three nines of uptime and their technology forward approach to enabling money movement. While processing payments in and of itself is not an innovation that Dwolla can take credit for, the manner in which they do so is commendable. Furthermore, just as with Sift, they focus on what they do best and enable their customers to optimize via any desired integration.

Fortunately, you can leverage the best of Sift and Dwolla via one of the aforementioned API integrations, in three simple steps:

  • Create an account with Sift
  • Toggle Sift on in your Dwolla Dashboard Integrations page
  • Enter your API key to get started

And that’s it! With these three steps you can enjoy some of the fastest and most protected payments on the planet.

– Jeff Sakasegawa

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