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Investing in the renewables industry has notoriously come with a high barrier to entry and has been reserved for the likes of Google and Berkshire Hathaway. But as more money is pumped into the market, renewable technologies advance, risk is minimized, and these barriers begin to erode.

Wunder Finance Platform

Wunder is on the leading edge of this change, bringing opportunities to invest in the burgeoning solar energy business to individual accredited investors. By leveraging proprietary algorithms and a team of solar specialists, Wunder is able to screen solar investment opportunities more accurately and efficiently than most banks. Once these opportunities are thoroughly vetted, selected investments are bundled into funds and made accessible to individual accredited investors through an online investment platform. With Wunder, accredited investors can quickly and securely invest in these diversified portfolios of high-return solar projects with as little as $1,000.

On a mission to simplify the financing and investing experience for both solar installers and investors, Wunder has delivered an easy-to-access marketplace for both parties to connect and scale more effectively.

The Payments Problem

A key component to the Wunder platform involves the movement of both investments and returns through the platform. Bank transfers over the ACH network are central to providing a streamlined investor experience, but building this infrastructure from the ground up would be wildly cost prohibitive. After launching the platform earlier this year, it quickly became apparent to the Wunder team that anything short of a fully automated payments solution would be untenable at scale and that real-time insight into the changing statuses of ACH transactions would be crucial.

The Solution

Dwolla allows Wunder to brand the account set up experience and fold the bank account linking into the registration process. Additionally, Dwolla gives Wunder increased visibility into the funds flow, from collecting individual investments to batching the funds and distributing them to the solar installation projects. Each month, Wunder receives payments from the energy customers repaying their loans and distributes those returns to the fund investors.

Wunder is also able to leverage Dwolla’s bank transfer API to send branded communications to their customers via a series of webhooks, alerting customers to changes on their account or transaction status.

“We have looked high and low for a provider capable of seamlessly and securely facilitating our ACH transactions, and we couldn’t be happier to be partnered with Dwolla. Their API allows us the flexibility that we need to deeply integrate ACH transactions into our platform without disrupting our user experience. From customer identity verification to bank account verification to the transactions themselves, Dwolla takes the complex world of payment processing and wraps it up into an API that is painless to integrate. And perhaps most importantly, working with the Dwolla team has been an absolute pleasure.”

Dave Riess, CTO of Wunder


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