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Property managers have to juggle a lot of moving pieces, and as their business grows so do the challenges of maintaining a smooth running operation. One platform was developed with this exact challenge in mind—SmartNest.


SmartNest is a platform for property managers to run and regulate their day-to-day activities, from maintenance concerns to scheduling. Most notably SmartNest is making rent collection a breeze by integrating Dwolla into their system.


Property managers have long been fans of Dwolla, and SmartNest has built the perfect solution to facilitate these rent payments.

“We wanted to move property managers away from the traditional check and save them valuable time. It also benefits to residents whom our clients manage, they can manage their rental affairs from the comfort of their own home. Finally, with Dwolla, our property managers are able to check on the status of their account and make sure they’re up to date. ”


 – George Mynatt, SmartNest Co-Founder

By SmartNest integrating Dwolla into their system, they were able to improve the overall experience for their users. Convenience became a hallmark. Paying immediately and online with Dwolla reduced the delay in tenants’ payments—no need to even get off the couch—and landlords were freed up to manage other aspects of the business, outside of a complicated rent collection process.

Breaking down the benefits:


SmartNest was able to bring Dwolla to their clients, and was pleasantly surprised to find the integration and adoption process to be hassle-free. SmartNest, with a user-base of varying age ranges, understood that concerns may come up.

“When there was a question about integration, Dwolla had the engineers to provide support seamlessly—a positive experience. And SmartNest, with the Dwolla team, made it easy to educate and work with the property managers. To put it clearly, once people saw how easy it was, they were excited.


– George Mynatt, SmartNest Co-Founder

Providing property managers safe and secure tools to help manage their business is a must. For SmartNest, Dwolla was a clear choice. Rent is no small expense, so promoting a percentage based payment platform like credit cards to increase user convenience wasn’t a logical option. Collecting rent online with Dwolla just made sense.

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