Navigating payments may feel like a complicated mess, but Dwolla is here to help your business simplify ACH transfers.

Features to Simplify ACH Payments

From sending and receiving one-off bank transfers to paying out thousands of customers at one time, Dwolla has the ACH solution for you.

Mass Payments

Don’t waste time and resources writing out individual paper checks. Send up to 5,000 payments with the click of a button using the Dwolla Mass Payments feature. Set up a mass payment by uploading a CSV file of transaction amounts and corresponding recipient email addresses to our Dwolla MassPay tool or initiate scheduled transfers through a simple and easy to use Dwolla dashboard.

Facilitate Payments

Dwolla offers many different forms of payment flows including send, receive, and me-to-me. One payment flow that can simplify ACH payments for your business is to facilitate payments. With facilitation, you can allow users of your application or website to pay each other without your business coming in possession of the funds. Best of all, you can take a facilitation fee as an additional form of revenue simply through the Dwolla Platform.

Additional Features

There are plenty of features to choose from with the Dwolla Platform to make it work best for your unique business case. If you’d like to speed up payments, you can use Next Day ACH or Same Day ACH transfers. You may also add addenda records to your transactions for additional information into your payments. Review all the features of the Dwolla Platform to see how Dwolla can offer the simple ACH transfer service you’re looking for.

Simplify User Onboarding

Make customer onboarding a seamless experience for your users by folding the account registration, bank account verification process into your own flow with the look and feel of your brand. Leverage our webhooks to trigger your own branded email communications to your customers with their transaction status updates.

If worrying about things like ACH transfer returns and corrections, file origination or fraud mitigation has been holding you back from building ACH payments into your business—we’re here to help. Dwolla takes security seriously, and we have the technology to help you manage these complicated matters in a way that will let you sleep peacefully at night.

Whether your payments needs are more cookie cutter or you’re looking to build something a little more complex, we’ve got the platform for you to tap into or develop on top of.

Get the conversation started with a member of our sales team, and let us help you find the solution that’s right for you and your customers.


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