Drop-in Components Updates

The team has collected feedback on drop-in components and we are excited to release a few updates to enhance the experience:

Business Verified Customer Enhancement – doingBusinessAs Optionally Displayed

  • The Doing Business As (DBA) field in the Business Verified Customer drop-in component is an optional field, but may encourage collection of irrelevant or inaccurate information. This was causing some end users to go into `document` status—where they would need to upload a photograph of an id.
  • The Doing Business As field can now be optionally removed as a field from the Drop-in Component form.

Business Verified Customer Enhancement – EIN optional for SoleProp Customers

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) is currently a required field in the Business Verified Customer Drop-in Component for SoleProprietorship end users, which is not consistent with Dwolla’s requirements.
  • The EIN field is now marked as `optional` in the Drop-in Component form.

Beneficial Owner – Bug Fix

  • A bug in the Beneficial Owner drop-in component would not run field validation until focus left the field
  • This caused an issue where it would look like an end user was unable to submit the drop-in until after they clicked or tabbed outside of the final field
  • This validation is now run when the field value changes, allowing submit to be clicked while focus is still in the final field

Please update to Version 2.1.7 of our drop-in components to experience all of these changes!

Dashboard Features Feedback

Dwolla is looking for feedback from our clients to help influence the upcoming improvements to the dashboard. We value our client’s first-hand experience and we want to learn more about who is using the dashboard and how they interact with the Dwolla system.

If you’re interested in providing feedback to our team on the Dwolla Dashboard, please reach out to research@dwolla.com.


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