Relay Delivery is a restaurant delivery platform connecting couriers to restaurants who need food delivered.

To onboard new couriers, Relay Delivery staff would need to collect a voided check and manually enter bank details—then disburse paper checks to hundreds of couriers for payments.

As their business grew, it was clear Relay Delivery needed a payment platform that could automate these manual tasks while also having a reliable uptime and the ability to handle large payment requests at any time.

With a single developer and in two weeks, Relay Delivery integrated Dwolla’s ACH payment API.

The results? Relay Delivery entered into a flat monthly payment structure saving an estimated $1,200 a month—plus roughly 8 hours a week writing and mailing checks.

Onboarding new couriers saw a 30% increase in completed registrations and overall onboarding time was cut by 50%.

“In implementing Dwolla, we’ve fully automated the signup and disbursement phases,” says Zach Ivester, Relay Delivery Integrations Architect. “We’ve freed ourselves to focus on what’s important—our business.”

Dwolla is helping Relay Delivery win its race; are you ready to start?

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