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When your business is looking to get paid, usually you want to get paid quickly. Waiting for slow, sometimes ineffective processes just doesn’t cut it in today’s fast-paced world.

Dwolla’s ACH payment solution allows you to receive payments efficiently from customers’ bank accounts. All it takes is connecting your application to the Dwolla ACH API, obtaining your customer’s authorization to process transfers from their bank account and processing the ACH transfer. Using just three easy endpoints, you can be up and running in no time – and getting your money quickly.

We help you manage the whole process, from collecting authorization from your customer and completing the ACH transfer over the ACH network.

Receiving ACH Transfers Without Fees

Aside from cash, ACH transfers are the lowest cost option when you’re looking to implement a way to receive funds from your customers or partners. Try out our Nacha payments cost calculator today to see just how much money you could save in switching to receive ACH transfers over credit cards, paper checks or wire transfers. Don’t overpay for payments when you can go with ACH transfers that are efficient and inexpensive.

Receiving Fast ACH Transfers

Keep in mind that ACH transfers normally take between three to four business days to complete, but you do have some options to receive the funds much quicker.

Dwolla’s customers have the opportunity to enable Next Day ACH transfers allowing payments to clear quicker than standard timing. Or, you could enable Same Day ACH to receive payments even faster if you’d like to significantly speed up the process. Understand, though, that faster transfers do come with additional risks that must be weighed before enabling.

Receive ACH Payments Cost-Effectively

Whether you want to receive ACH transfers from customers, partners or other sources, Dwolla’s solution is the best way to cost-effectively receive your money. ACH transfers are easy to do once you integrate with the Dwolla Platform; we do the heavy lifting for you. You can build bank transfers into your application using our API and three easy endpoints.

If receiving payments in the form of ACH transfers sounds like the right approach for your business, reach out to us today to get started.


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