When you’re looking to get paid, usually you want to get paid quickly. Dwolla’s solution allows you to receive payments quickly from customers’ bank accounts. All it takes is connecting your application to the Dwolla ACH API or tapping into our application, obtaining your customer’s authorization to process transfers from their bank account, then processing the ACH transfer. We help you manage the whole process, from collecting authorization from your customer and completing the ACH transfer over the ACH network.

Utilizing ACH transfer is one of the lowest cost options when you’re looking to implement a way to receive funds from your customers or partners. Dwolla leverages the ACH network and passes along the savings to the merchant in the form of no per transaction fees. Keep in mind that ACH transfers normally take between three to four business days to complete, but if your customer’s bank and your bank are FiSync-enabled, you can get your money in real-time.

However, Dwolla’s partners have the opportunity to apply for Next Day ACH transfers, or to be a part of our Same Day ACH pilot program.

So whether you want to receive ACH transfers from customers or partners, Dwolla’s solution is the best way to cost-effectively receive that money. We’ll make micro-deposits to the authorized accounts to ensure your money is coming from the right place. We also offer instant account verification tools that allow you to bypass the micro-deposits and speed up the transaction. We are definitely all about speedy and efficient payments!

ACH transfers are easy to do once you connect into the Dwolla solution. You can build them into your application using our API or take advantage of our fully-baked application to handle the ACH transfers.

Tap into Dwolla’s service to start receiving ACH transfers quickly and without a per transaction fee. If this sounds like a product that you need, please reach out to our sales team and let them know exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll get you all hooked up with a custom package.

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