At Dwolla, we’re great listeners.

As a senior member of Dwolla’s Business Development Team, I meet with a diverse group of prospective customers who are trying to solve an even more diverse set of problems for their business.

I listen as each customer paints a clear picture of what they are trying to accomplish with their business:

  • What are their strategic business objectives?
  • What would meeting or exceeding those objectives mean for their business?

I explain how Dwolla has helped other businesses with similar goals and how we can help them accomplish their goals specifically.

But what makes Dwolla the ideal solution to their problems?

The answer to that question requires a lot of unpacking. Businesses succeed with Dwolla for many reasons, but in my experience, here are three reasons why we’re a unique business partner:

#1  Being Customer-Centric

The question and its significance can easily become lost in the foreground amongst the chaos that often accompanies business growth, evolution and daily operations.  And yet, the customer (and its objectives) should be front and center.

Sure, cash flow and profitability are important and they have their place, but if we look at these things from the chicken or egg perspective, we know the customer comes first.

At Dwolla, we are relentlessly committed to telling your story. We believe that your success is also ours.

The ability to listen, understand, empathize, and then collaboratively approach ideal solutions together is how we do business.

#2  Dwolla Can Automate Manual Tasks

Many of our customers agree that they have simply outgrown their existing—likely cumbersome—ACH process and it is time to automate…or automate better.

Prospective customers tell me about being exhausted after months of endless hoop jumping for a would-be partner bank. I’ve also heard businesses say they are ready to explore the world of bank agnosticism.

With Dwolla, our software automates manual tasks: our RESTful API allows our customers to programmatically handle ACH payments, and we’ve spent the better part of a decade perfecting it. The API architecture, developer support and resources are unparalleled in the market.

Welcome to automation and your life made easier with Dwolla.

#3  We Are Never Done

This phrase is one of our company values and is literally written on our walls. It reminds us that the one constant in business is change.

We’re committed to more than providing the best ACH experience for our customers.

We have an eye to the future of (and a hand in) payments innovation. It’s why we were asked to lead and participate in industry initiatives such as Mojaloop with Gates Foundation and The Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force.

Is this how you do business?

Customer feedback is critical to our process. Our Product team works on one goal each day at Dwolla: building better software for our customers.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business and explore a potential partnership together.

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