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When you think of crowdfunding, chances are you think of sites like Kickstarter or GoFundMe—used for everything from launching entrepreneurial ideas to helping finance a much-needed vacation.

However, to Charles Clinton, he saw crowdfunding (and the development of the JOBS Act) as a chance to open up the private real estate investing market to the public. As a real estate lawyer who worked primarily for large private equity clients, he saw how large the opportunity was first hand and was determined to build the technology and the marketplace to facilitate such investments. After teaming up with Mission Capital, a real estate financial advisory firm, and rounding out his talented executive team, Clinton launched EQUITYMULTIPLE.


Unlike investing in someone’s new craft brewing equipment, EQUITYMULTIPLE brings a completely different paradigm to crowdfunding. EQUITYMULTIPLE connects commercial real estate developers with individual accredited investors.

Commercial real estate (CRE) has been a notoriously difficult industry for individual accredited investors to break into. EQUITYMULTIPLE is democratizing the real estate investment space by functioning as a financing marketplace—connecting smart development projects with individual accredited investors across the country.

For investors, EQUITYMULTIPLE is the doorway into an industry traditionally characterized by strong, reliable returns, and insulated from the volatility of the stock market. The platform makes it simple to build a diversified portfolio of thoroughly vetted projects, many of which would have been unavailable to individual investors had they not belonged to a large real estate group.

In turn, those raising capital for projects get access to a much deeper and more diverse pool of investors, thanks in part to Mission Capital’s extensive network of investors. EQUITYMULTIPLE provides a streamlined, singular point of contact to manage investor interactions and updates, as well as various funding options—online fundraising, and traditional debt and equity financing.


The team at EQUITYMULTIPLE undertook the heavy task of building one of the first CRE investing marketplaces of its kindand succeeded.

When they needed a way to seamlessly and programmatically payout returns to investors through the platform, they went in search of a bank transfer API that they could bake into their user experience.

Peter Shankar, EQUITYMULTIPLE CTO, saw Dwolla’s API for White Label bank transfers as the solution.

We chose Dwolla because of their strength in compliance, capabilities in the white label payments space, and attention to detail in the scoping process. From implementation to deployment and ongoing support they’ve been one of the best vendors to work with, and they really align to our processes, and make themselves highly available. The tech stack is evolving, and we’re able to work hand in hand with great engineers to get the most out of our integration. Best of all, we see our customers more engaged with our product. As a solution, Dwolla has been ideal for us in implementing a closed loop investment process.”



Dwolla’s White Label bank transfer API plugged right into the EQUITYMULTIPLE platform to power bank transfers for the marketplace without disrupting the investment process, while meeting the service and compliance standards required of a payments partner.

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