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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

“The possession of anything begins in the mind.”

Logo_Clarity_ColorThere are a lot of apps out there to help you manage your money, but there aren’t many that reassure you with such pleasant phrases, calmly and consistently guiding you towards a better savings and personal finance experience.

Meet Clarity Money.

Has been featured as #1 App in the Apple Apps store under “Apps We Love”

Clarity Money is new to the App Store; this personal finance management application wants to be the champion of your money, not just another useless app on your home screen. Start by connecting your bank accounts, investments and credits cards to the application. From there, Clarity Money helps track your spending, subscriptions, and more.

“Consumers deserve an advocate when it comes to their money. Clarity Money is on a mission to empower consumers with transparency, advocacy, and ultimately, a better deal. We are honored that over 50,000 consumers have found Clarity Money useful.”

Adam Dell, CEO

As pointed out by TechCrunch, over 57% of us are struggling to manage our finances. This lack of control is because finances can be daunting, overwhelming and managing them seems unattainable. Clarity Money gets that—it’s an app on a mission to give you back control of your financial future. Clarity Money has your back.

Why We Love Clarity Money

After only being live for a few weeks, it’s seen tons of great traction and activity. This app is pretty slick for a few reasons. First, Clarity Money helps with your finances all in one beautiful, smart interface—from your credit score to your daily spending, you have it all in one place. Additionally, the application is incredibly “action oriented”, allowing you to make changes when an anomaly of some sort arises.


For example, Clarity Money tracks your recurring subscriptions—like your monthly Spotify or Netflix bill. With just the click of a button on the mobile app, you can cancel unwanted subscriptions. No longer interested in paying the $10 per month for Spotify? Clarity Money makes canceling the bill easier than ever.Where there are plenty of applications to help track your spending, very few actually make taking action as easy as Clarity Money does.

Clarity Money: Feature Overview

Very simply, Clarity Money provides you with the following capabilities for tracking your spending:

And for managing your spending and finances, Clarity Money allows you to:

While there are tons of individual apps that hit on one aspect of financial management, there are few apps that bring it all under one “roof”. To learn more about Clarity Money, watch this video or download the app in the AppStore now.

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