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Right now, your business has grown exponentially and you’re doing well—fantastic! You have customers, and they love what your company offers.

However, if you’re still relying on the same business vendors and service providers you chose when getting the company off the ground, you might be running into scalability issues. In the beginning, you needed to grow your customer base while conserving as much capital as possible—and while you’re not quite Amazon or Google throwing billions of dollars at space exploration—you’re ready to invest in a robust solution you can reliably grow your business on.

An important area when considering scalability is payments—how are you facilitating the sending and receiving of funds, how are you verifying the customer’s you funds, and what kind of transaction reporting is available for monitoring the health of your business?

If your current payment provider is holding you back, whether it requires sending your customers off-site and away from your native application or doesn’t play nicely with other software providers, understand the alternatives.

Dwolla offers a scalable ACH API that works for businesses of all sizes—you build the ideal integration and tailor the customer experience in a way that looks and feels like your brand. Consider our APIs as lego sets, picking and choosing which features you want to build on and which ones you can do without. At the most basic level, you will be able to:

  1. Create customers
  2. Add funding sources
  3. Send transfers

Stop pouring resources into maintaining services that aren’t scaling at the speed you need them to, or are offering a less than ideal experience for your customers. Instead, invest in a platform that will work as your backend payments infrastructure, supporting a stable foundation on which you can grow your business.

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