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Last week, Tradestreaming published an article featuring Dwolla. It was called A day in the life with Dwolla’s Community Experience Manager. As I read the minute-to-minute calculation of how our (very talented) CE Manager spends his day, it became evident that integration support is so much more than a FAQ and guide for getting started.

As Tradestreaming said, “account support managers of fintech companies are the unsung heroes of finance.” We couldn’t agree more—and that support is invaluable

When integrating any third-party software, there is an expected level of support when getting started. You expect some sort of onboarding call and you expect a set of guidelines Sure, those are given.

What’s worth more than the price of admission is the support that goes above and beyond—especially in ACH payment integrations, where technical knowledge and know-how of the network can be highly complicated and regulated.

As the selling of APIs becomes increasingly common, so too should the commonality of top-notch integration support. Because, unlike a typical piece of software that you’re just asked to dive into and hit the ground running with, APIs can be much more complicated.

At Dwolla, we believe in providing our customers with top-notch support and guidance at every step in the process. The ACH network is indeed complicated, not exactly straightforward. Understanding RDFIs and ODFIs, regulations and compliance, when and how to notify consumers…it can add up to a mess of information. We’ve become bank transfer integration experts so you don’t have to, boiling the network down into endpoints for you developer team to integrate, while providing support along the way.

Before you even enter a contract, our integration specialists work to understand your specific needs and use-case. After understanding your needs and how Dwolla will fit and signing a contract, you’ll be introduced to a team to get you to the “go live” finish line.

Once you’re at the point where you’re really digging into Dwolla’s ACH API, our Account Managers and Developer Relations Experts will help you get up and running in our testing environment—a replica of our production environment that allows you to build without worrying about breaking anything in production. This team is there for you when you have questions, and you’ll get an exclusive Slack channel for you and your team to communicate with them.

Additionally, the Dwolla team equips you with examples and guidelines to help you ensure you’re following the legal and compliance needs required for using the ACH network and managing consumer payments.

When you’re working against other companies, platforms, entrepreneurs, etc., it’s not enough to just get the integration done and get to market—you want to get to market faster. It’s your duty to deliver the best product possible in the most timely manner. Our Account Managers and Developer Relations Experts help you do just that with Dwolla’s ACH API.

Growing, growing, gone…

It’s thrilling to look at how the API economy is growing and developing. There are about 40 new APIs being added each week, opening up the door for new innovation and usability. What’s important to remember is that as new APIs get added, they’ll need a support team in-pocket to ensure they’re being integrated properly.

A good integration support team can help you get going with the API sooner, you’ll have fewer integration-related headaches, and more time on your hands to refine your product and process.
We believe in providing quality customer support at Dwolla. Account managers truly are the unsung heroes, and their support and guidance is invaluable.

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